#MorningAfter: Things a Bride Thinks on the First Day After the Wedding!

#MorningAfter: Things a Bride Thinks on the First Day After the Wedding!

You're finally married. And you no longer have to stress about planning a big fat wedding and behave like a bridezilla. You’ll be surprised at how different and exciting this new phase feels. And, as a new bride, you're probably going to be thinking many of these things! ;)

1. Thank God, I don’t have to put on another 20kg ghaagra and loads of makeup!

You’ve finally been able to take off all your heavy clothing and jewellery and can now relax in a lighter sari!

things a bride thinks

2. So glad I don’t need to spend another day smiling constantly!

You're finally done with with all the mandatory smiling. And what a relief it is to not have the camera flash on your face every 10 seconds. But you have to still smile - that’s what a good bahu does.

things a bride thinks

3. Will this mehendi EVER wear off?!

Some people do actually hate putting on mehendi, and find it particularly annoying when wearing Western clothes.

4. I’m so excited about the honeymoon!

Yes!! The honeymoon is the absolute best part.

things a bride thinks

5. Wow! I can sleep now, finally!

You’re glad all the crazy, hectic festivities are finally over.

6. My back is just dead from touching so many feet! I need a back massage! Will Mummyji understand?

Well, even if she doesn’t, make some excuse and get out for a couple's massage. Your sore back deserves it.

7. Do I have to put on, like, proper clothes before I go down to get some coffee?!

The house is still buzzing with wedding guests. We’d advise against the sexy wedding-night négligée for a trip to the kitchen. ;)

8. Sari - check. Pallu - check. Perfect hair - check. Lipstick - check.

Your mind is constantly ticking off stuff from a checklist! At home you could just walk around in your jammies, with your hair all over the place.

things a bride thinks

9. Gosh, I'm stuck with him for the rest of my life!

You might be deeply in love with your partner, but momentary lapses in conviction do happen! :D

10. OMG, do I have to cook for all these people the rest of my life?

Be clever. Pataao your saas. Find a super-awesome cook and assign yourself a “supervisory” role!

11. Can everyone tell we did it last night?

Not necessarily. But they’re wondering for sure. ;)

12. Who cares, it’s legit, we’re allowed to do it whenever we like now!

*Proceeds to do it again.* You're newlyweds, after all!

things a bride thinks

13. I need to text updates to my bestie, but I’m just not getting a chance

From the juicy details of your wedding night to your first day living as a Mrs, you need to share it all with your BFF - if only all your new family members would leave you alone for a minute!

14. I can’t believe we’re actually married!

Wow! How did all those months of planning fly by so fast? It feels so surreal to finally be part of a Mr-and-Mrs thing!

things a bride thinks

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