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#Romance: The 7 Stages of Being in a Relationship!

#Romance: The 7 Stages of Being in a Relationship!

Each relationship is complicated and unique, but there are certain patterns that most of them follow. So while our intention is not to generalize, we thought it would be fun to list for you the 7 stages of a relationship which are more or less common to everyone. Read on to find out which stage you and your better half are currently in!

Stage #1: The Wooing

He gives you gifts, you give him stolen kisses. You’ve witnessed sunrises after ages because texting and talking to each other on the phone doesn’t let you register that the night has passed. You blush every time someone takes his name, or refers to you as a couple - makes you feel it’s meant to be!

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Stage #2: Getting to Know Each Other

It’s that phase where you're exploring each other’s interests. Though you wanna know everything about each other, you always try to put forward your best self. You take trips together, click tons of selfies, and celebrate your anniversary every month! Basically, you can't get enough of each other!

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Stage #3: Happy Go Lucky

You can’t imagine going back to a life without him! You have both confessed your love for each other and started having small arguments at times too. But the fights actually seem pretty cute and you're convinced that they're essential steps in bringing you closer to each other.


Stage #4: Reality Check

You’ve realized that just because you love each other it’ doesn’t mean that you’ll have to be surgically attached at the hip. Also, though you two share practically everything with one another, annoying fights can break out at any given time. Reasons can range from why he’s spending so much time at work to why you replied to your ex’s text to why he's hanging out with a bunch of friends you don't like to why you're wearing a dress that he thinks is too short. You're finally beginning to understand the importance of giving each other space in a relationship.


Stage #5: Adjustment Time

If you want your relationship to bloom, you’ve got to learn how to adjust. Yes, it’s tough, but you have come to realize that in order to be happy there needs to be some give and take.  Adjustment is one of the toughest things of being in a relationship.


Stage #6: Let’s Fight This Out

His PlayStation addiction makes you angry, and he doesn’t understand why you need a girls’ night out once a week. You both fight for the silliest of reasons. (Ugh, I hate my job, I hate my life, I hate him!) There are days when you both just keep getting on each other’s nerves. But you would still rather be with him than without him!


Stage #7: Make It or Break It

Sometimes it’s complicated, sometimes it works out, and sometimes you break up and part ways. Whatever the reasons - infidelity, long distance, marriage pressure, trust issues - everybody faces problems in their relationships. But it’s up to you and him to decide whether it’s worth the roller-coaster ride or not. (We, for one, hope it works out!)


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