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14 Things in 2014 That Made Us Go Awwww!

14 Things in 2014 That Made Us Go Awwww!

There were good things, and there were bad things, and then there were things that turned us into mush - yes, we are talking about things that happened this year which made our hearts melt. Here’s a list of the 14 most aww moments of 2014!

1. Kanye West’s Gift to Kim Kardashian on Mother’s Day

14 things about 2014 that made us go awwww

The bigger the gift, the better. That’s a fact even Kim Kardashian will agree with. For Mother’s Day, her husband Kanye West surprised her by gifting her an enormous wall of assorted white flowers. It was like a scene straight out of a fairy tale. Kim K decided to put up a photo on Instagram, and the world went aww.

2. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s Baby

14 things about 2014 that made us go awwww

When two good-looking people get together, they’re bound to make cute babies! Yes, ladies, we’re talking about Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s baby girl, Wyatt. The first photo of Wyatt they posted went viral. The cute, chubby baby girl definitely won millions of hearts.

3. MTV India’s Mother’s Day Instagram and Youtube Posts

For Mother’s Day, MTV India posted some very cute yet thoughtful posts on Instagram and Youtube. The message was clear and easily received: thanking your mom for the little things she does for you, and how you could do your bit to make her feel special in the tiniest ways possible.

4. PETA India’s Friendship Day Campaign

14 things about 2014 that made us go awwww

Would you eat your friend? You obviously wouldn’t! That’s exactly the message PETA India sent out on Friendship Day this year to help protect our furry friends. To read more about the campaign, click here!

5. Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh’s Baby

14 things about 2014 that made us go awwww

On the 25th of November, this Bollywood couple became the parents of an adorable baby boy named Riaan! Genelia took to Twitter soon after she was discharged and posted updates about the tiny infant. Here’s what she said: “Thank u all for all the wishes on the birth of my son @Riteishd n me couldn’t thank ul enough for bein w us all thru this period.”

6. Alia Bhatt's "Genius of the Year" Video

14 things about 2014 that made us go awwww

After an ill-thought-out answer on Koffee with Karan early this year, Alia Bhatt unfortunately became the butt of many jokes. But she joined forces with All India Bakchod and came up with an adorable 10-minute mockumentary called “Genius of the Year”. It was fun, and delightful to see a Bollywood star be able to laugh at herself! Alia, you go, girl!

7. SRK Dressing Up His Son As Santa Claus

14 things about 2014 that made us go awwww

King Khan did a fun photo shoot with his baby son, AbRam. He dressed him up as Santa Claus and posted his first photo. The picture has gone viral and is doing the rounds on several social networking websites. We don’t blame it for becoming a hit - we mean, look at him, he looks adorable as a tiny Santa! (Doesn’t he resemble his father a lot?)

8. The Ice Bucket Challenge with a Bollywood Twist

14 things about 2014 that made us go awwww

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge not only went viral internationally but it hit India too. To our surprise, it wasn’t just the masses who were a part  of this, The bigwigs of Bollywood too took on the challenge. It was super-cute to see some of our favourite B-town celebs like Riteish Deshmukh, Jr Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Bipasha Basu, Sidharth Malhotra, Sunny Leone and many more take part in this challenge. If you missed it, you can go back in time and catch all the fun right here!

9. We Finally Got to Know Who’s The Mother in HIMYM

14 things about 2014 that made us go awwww

After religiously watching all the 9 seasons of HIMYM, we finally got to know who’s the mother in 2014. While the world had pinned their hopes on Robin being the one, it turned out that The Mother was actually Tracy Mcconnell. But we all went aww anyway when the series finale of the show added a little twist in the tale and Robin and Ted did actually get together. Huzzah!

10. This Kid Who Cried for Joy When He Was Reunited with His Pet Cat

14 things about 2014 that made us go awwww

This is something we cannot describe - you have to watch the video to believe it. Trust us, this will give you an aww attack!

11. Spotting the Three Khans Together

14 things about 2014 that made us go awwww

There are few happier feelings than seeing your favourite Khans share a stage together. For the 21st anniversary of Rajat Sharma’s show, Aap Ki Adalat, the newsman managed to get all the three Khans together. It was a wonderful sight to see the trio reunite and let their hair down and just have fun for a change. Who knows, maybe by 2015, the three might even consider doing a film together!

12. Tiny Hamsters Eating Burritos

14 things about 2014 that made us go awwww

Trust us, after watching this video you’re going to be spending your entire day Googling hamsters. They’re cute, they’re furry and they’re even cuter when they're chewing on something bigger than their size! Click here to catch the cutest action!

13. Beckett and Castle Finally Tied the Knot

14 things about 2014 that made us go awwww

After five years of onscreen on-again-off-again romancing, our favourite American TV detectives finally took the plunge. Pass us the tissue, please!

14. Addy’s Wish to Become a Popstar

Around some time in May, the Make-A-Wish Foundation made a little girl’s dream come true. This tiny toddler is suffering from fourth-stage of cancer, and all she wanted was to become a pop star. And that’s exactly what they made her!

Yep, these are the 14 things about 2014 that made us go awwww! Share your favourite moments with us on Facebook!

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