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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Would You Shop at a Pop-Up Store?

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Would You Shop at a Pop-Up Store?

The trendy little pop up concept has crept its way into our fair city and is popping up all over the place. From the struggling artist setting up shop in an abandoned garage to students turning street corners into makeshift auction houses and temporary pop up restaurants cropping up to give us a quick taste of their culinary flare- this trend is now all the rage. These initiatives have a tendency to crop up unannounced, quickly draw in the crowds, and then disappear or morph into something else, adding a fresh feel to retail. It's all about exclusivity and surprise. MISU4 We have embraced this concept in our country but a lot of us didn’t quite understand the phenomenal flare and creativity that brands and individuals alike are using and creating to make their pop up stores unforgettable. adidas Adidas created a pop up store in in London earlier this year in the shape of a giant shoebox. Fun, eh? H and M H & M created a pop up store in 2011 on the beach of Hagues coastal suburb of Scheveningen that lasted only two days. The space is a wooden box that looked like it had been washed ashore. ANDY WARHOL An architect created a pop up museum for the works of Andy Warhol by building a maze of rooms using about 1500 metal paint cans. There is so much more we can do with this concept- such great heights yet to be reached. We have too in our own way, pushed the barrier a little with our own little 3-month Pop-up retail store called Le Box situated in the beating heart of South Bombay at Ave29. LEBOX To us, shopping is not a chore, it’s an exquisite pleasure so we created a beautiful store space to cocoon all the beautiful designer collections we have curated with love. And what would a MISU-endorsed store be without their very own in-house stylists offering one on one styling sessions for clients who care to sign up. LEBOX1 Le Box is not your ordinary pop-up, it’s a pop-up with a zesty twistie- we change designers every month depending on the season and prevalent trends. So clearly, we have taken the pop-up shop trend and created our own music out of it. The collection ranges from accessories, Indian to Indo-western, western-formal and casual-western - which means there is something for almost anyone in the store. It's an idea, an experiment and it's right on trend - the pop-up that we really needed.


But keep in mind it is still a pop-up store which means it can disappear at any moment, like Houdini’s final act.  #ThinkInsideLeBox ! MUST-READ: Summiyya Patni & Mitali Sagar Join The POPxo Blog Network MUST-READ: Are Street Style Stars The New Fashion "It" Girls?  
Published on Dec 2, 2014
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