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The Best Coral Lipsticks For Indian Skin: Top 10!

Mehak Sagar


Every year you hear some sort of a ridiculous statement like “Is pink the new black?” or “Green is the new black!” Nothing is EVER the new black, people! Just like nothing can ever be the "New Spice Girls"  (admit it - you have sung "Yoooou tell me what you want" with your friends at some point of time)  or the "New iPhone" or the "New coral". It's that one shade of gorgeousness between orange and pink called "coral" that makes girls go weak in the knees and do all sorts of delusional things like buy 10 best coral lipsticks, or dream about coral dresses, or hunt for coral pumps  or plan their weddings around the theme of a  coral lehenga. What?  That's just me? Oh, okay. I shall shut up then.

best coral lipsticks 1

These are my top picks for the best coral lipsticks for Indian skin.

1. Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick Soleil 1, 2, 3 

best coral lipsticks 2New favourite coral shade discovered in 2013 for me and something that’s super-hydrating and super-flattering on the lips – gives such a pretty, drenched look that I absolutely love! If you have to pick a coral, pick this one, ladies: it's super-hot without being extra bright and gives your lips a wash of beautiful shine that looks effortless!

Best suited for: All skintones

Buy here. 

2. Inglot Freedom System Lipstick #01

best coral lipsticks 3Though this coral is bright, it is still the kind of bright a lot of medium-skintone girls can carry off with aplomb, and it's super pigmented and comfortable to wear as well. It's a bit annoying to buy lipsticks in a pan form, though, which is why this doesn't get as much attention as it deserves.

Best suited for: Light to medium skintones

Buy here. 

3. Maybelline High Shine Color Sensational Lip Gloss in Captivating Coral 

best coral lipsticks 4This one is more orange than coral, but it's absolutely super-fab, guys! It looks like a gorgeous, effortless wash of peachy orange on the lips and, frankly, the high-shine lipgloss formula from Maybelline is probably the best drugstore gloss on the market. Non-sticky, pigmented and a TOTAL steal! Must buy, IMO!

Best suited for: All Indian skintones

Buy here. 

4. Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Sienna A Magic  

best coral lipsticks 5Gorgeous, gorgeous colour in an excellent formula. Do note: the actual colour is brighter than the picture and definitely more orange, but it's a bright shade that looks good on Indian skintones, so there goes.

Best suited for: Medium skintones

Buy here

5. Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Nude Coral 

best coral lipsticks 6A muted, earthy nude more than a coral, but those of you searching for a peachy-nude everyday kind of coral wont be disappointed. This is up there on my list of my best lipsticks in India!

Best suited for: Everyone!

Buy here

6. Lotus Herbals Lipstick in Carnation

best coral lipsticks 7A beautiful peachy orange and super easy on the pocket too - this vivid coral suits dusky girls as much as fairer ones.

Best suited for: Medium to dusky

Buy here.

7. Bobbi Brown Calypso

best coral lipsticks 8One of the brightest neon corals ever known to woman-kind! One that is super, super gorgeous on lighter to medium-toned ladies, but may be a bit much for duskier! If you are looking for a bright, bright coral though then Calypso will be your best friend.

Best suited for: Light to medium skintones

 Buy here

8. MAC Cross Wires Lipstick

best coral lipsticks 9I feel like MAC doesn't make enough corals, honestly, and this is possibly the only coral lipstick from MAC I really like!

Best suited for: Medium skintones

Buy here 

 9. Maybelline Coral Lustre High Shine Color Sensational Lipstick

best coral lipsticks 10This is a pretty, sheer orangey coral that isn't bright or out-there. It provides just a subtle wash of beautiful coral across your lips, so great for those girls who want to try coral but not in a neon sort of a way.

Best suited for: Everyone

Buy here 

10. Maybelline Bold Matte 02 Lipstick

best coral lipsticks 11One of the brightest lipsticks I've worn, this is one of the nicest bright corals in the market. The matte formula is super comfortable to wear - it lasts long and it's a gorgeous coral shade that will flatter medium and light skintones.

Best suited for: Light to medium

Buy here.

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Published on Dec 11, 2014
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