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10 Surprising Things about "Doing It" the Very First Time!

10 Surprising Things about

Make a cup of tea, sit down, look over both shoulders to make sure there’s no one nearby and read this list. So you’re thinking of "Doing It"? Here are some things you might want to anticipate.

1. If your partner is as inexperienced as you, there’s a lot of “What do we do with that?” Don’t be alarmed. Biology will win.


2. If your partner has more experience, there’s no shame in just lying back and letting them take control. Pretend you’re in a play and he or she is the director.

3. Music helps, but it has to be the right kind of music for your first time. Your body will automatically start moving according to the rhythm of the music you’re playing, so set the tempo appropriately. Maybe no Ke$ha, unless you want it to all go by in a jiffy.

4. Basically, power through, and it’ll get better by the time you’re on round six or seven – which you should probably wait a few days to get to.

5. Initially, it's going to feel really small and tight and cramped, and there’ll be a bit where you question the whole act of sex. “Why is this necessary?” you’ll ask yourself. But that's because you're as yet "unaccustomed". Remember this: your body gets used to it. And it gets better - much, much better.

6. The first time is always the worst time. You’re going to be nervous and anxious and, in all likelihood, very dry. Lube is your friend.


7. If you ever rode a horse, or loved to ride a bike as a kid, there’s a chance you won’t bleed at all. This doesn’t mean you’re not a virgin, it just means you broke your hymen naturally a while ago and it no longer exists.

8. Because once you’re done, the pain begins. There’ll be pain when you pee, your knees might be a bit wobbly, and unless you’re a gymnast or something, your thighs will feel like you’ve stretched them and not gone back to normal after.

9. No matter how close you and your partner have gotten to “It”, once “It” actually happens, everything is different. That sounds like a cliché, but it’s true. You’ll have a whole new level of intimacy.

10. Everyone is different and maybe none of these will apply to you! Just remember: it’s normal if you think it’s normal.


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