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#DirtyThoughts: 25 Signs You Have a Filthy Mind!

#DirtyThoughts: 25 Signs You Have a Filthy Mind!
Fruits are never just fruits. And when someone says "Come here", your response is "Are you sure about that?" If you can relate to these sentiments, you've probably clicked on the right link! Here are 25 signs you have a filthy mind! 

1. You think that the song "Dil do la re" from Devdas broke new ground in making the idea of sex toys mainstream.

2. When you hear the word “melon”, fruit is not the first thing you think.

Signs You Have a Filthy Mind

3. Euphemism and innuendo are your favourite figures of speech.

4. Every sentence you speak has a double meaning to it!

5. You find it hard to eat cucumber with a straight face. Let’s not even talk about peeling the skin off a banana.

Signs You Have a Filthy Mind

6. When you were in college, your friends would dread playing Truth and Dare thanks to the dirty ideas you would come up with for them.

7. You spend your entire day dreaming about kinky stuff you'd like to do to your partner!

Signs You Have a Filthy Mind

8. You’ve frequently retorted to completely innocuous comments by people with “That’s what she said!”

9. You can’t see the numbers ‘6’ and ‘9’ next to each other without grinning devilishly.

Signs You Have a Filthy Mind

10. Anyone licking an ice cream cone in public is the butt of your jokes for months. This sentence itself is making you laugh.

11. You were always the first person to burst into giggles whenever someone called an eraser a "rubber" in school.

12. You have a special talent of saying even the un-sexiest sentences in a dirty way.

Signs You Have a Filthy Mind

13. You relish reading the "adult" versions of Harry Potter Fan Fiction pages!

14. When forced to sing by relatives at a family function, you had your revenge by inevitably belting out “Choli Ke Pichhe Kya Hai” or “Rukmini Rukmini”.

15. You had non-veg interpretations or parodies of all 1990s Bollywood songs.

16. You’re the first person to catch on to someone else’s filthy jokes because you’re an expert yourself.

17. You were one of the first people in your class to learn about the birds and the bees as a kid, and proudly spread your gyaan to all the other kids.

18. You’ve made your parents cringe by implying that you are a product of their “intense lovemaking” at least once!

Signs You Have a Filthy Mind

19. You love to share how your morning ablutions turned out with friends: “I produced a piece of [record length] turd today! It was so good after yesterday’s pebble pops.”

20. You and your friends spent a lot of time wondering what the nuns at your schools did in their free time...

Signs You Have a Filthy Mind

21. When someone offers you "nuts" to "munch" on, you burst into laughter.

22. When everyone was reading The Pickwick Papers, you were reading The Pearl.


23. The phrases “I’m coming” and “coming soon” are hilarious to you, and you can’t understand why some people insist on using "cum" as a short form for "come". They are two different things, people!

24. Anything that vibrates fascinates you.

Signs You Have a Filthy Mind

25. In your universe, the words play and skin are always improved by the addition of “fore”.

If you’re nodding in approval at these points, you definitely have a filthy mind!

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