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#MommyAlert: 15 Signs You Are Ready to Have a Baby!

#MommyAlert: 15 Signs You Are Ready to Have a Baby!

You are the girl with plans and have everything sorted in your head (and with your partner) about what you want to do and when. Then suddenly you start exhibiting signs which are clear indications that you are ready to enter mommy-mode! If you find yourself doing all the things below, it is time to get preggo! We bring you 15 signs you are ready to have a baby!

1. Suddenly those updates with friends posting baby photos on Facebook and Instagram don’t irritate you any longer. Instead you go “Awww, cho cute!” in your head, just as you type it. Signs You're Ready to Have a Baby 2. At your friends’ baby showers, you take mental notes about which gifts you do and don't want, and secretly dream about your own perfect shower. You also inadvertently cross your fingers when someone says, “You’re next.” 3. You figure out your menstrual calendar and mark the days when you’re ovulating. Mysteriously, you feel a thrill when you and your partner make love on those days. Signs You're Ready to Have a Baby 4. Listening to your friends or colleagues talk about schools for their kids, you have already made up your mind about where your kiddo would study. You find yourself contemplating if hiring a driver would be a good idea or if you should drop them yourself on your way to work. Signs You're Ready to Have a Baby 5. You have an opinion on baby names and sometimes go online to look up names – just for fun. But then you add it to your surname to see if it suits too – again, just for fun! 6. In your head, you keep wondering what’s a good time in the year for maternity leave. If you are a workaholic, you sure think that off-peak season would be "just perfect". 7. When your mommy friends discuss baby chores, you’ve already divided responsibilities in your head about yours and your partner’s share. Of course, he gets the diaper duties. Signs You're Ready to Have a Baby 8. When you see a badly behaved kid in public, you develop strong opinions on how will you discipline yours. No nonsense. Period. 9. You think it’s all right if you don’t get to sleep in on Sundays. You empathize with - not criticize - your friend who didn’t turn up for your girls’ night out and then also turned down your brunch invite in the same week because she had to prioritize her kids. Signs You're Ready to Have a Baby 10. In private, you stick a pillow under your top and look at the mirror, wondering what your pregnant belly would look like. 11. When you walk past the local yoga centre or antenatal classes, you fantasize about taking birth classes with your partner. Signs You're Ready to Have a Baby 12. When you see moms walk by with different strollers, you know exactly which one you want. The shade has been finalized too. 13. During wardrobe cleaning, you meticulously put aside clothes that are too big for you now because you think they'd make great maternity wear. 14. While shopping for groceries, you don’t mind walking down the kids’ section just to see what kind of stuff is on display. It’s the same inside a furniture store. Just checking, duh! 15. Your reading this post is a big sign in itself that you want a cutie in your arms. Stop reading and go make a baby! Signs You're Ready to Have a Baby GIFs courtesy: Giphy.comindipepper.comcollegecandyviralstories.in MUST-READ: 6 Things to Do When You Start Planning Your Baby MUST-READ: Congrats, You’re Pregnant! Now What? (Some Basics for the Mom-to-Be)
Published on Dec 19, 2014
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