You Know It's Time For A Haircut When...

You Know It's Time For A Haircut When...

Haircuts are necessary to reinvent your look with a drastic change or to tame overgrown and out of shape strands, but for some reason we keep procrastinating making that appointment. We give you a few signs you desperately need a haircut that you just can’t ignore anymore. It’s time you take those lackluster locks and get them in top shape.

1. Your ends have become so frayed.

The bottom of your ponytail is starting to resemble a rat’s tail.

Signs It Is Time For A Haircut

2. You get bored every time you look in the mirror thanks to that same old hair.

You’ve thought about going short a lot because you need something exciting and new.

3. Your hair takes ages to style.

Probably because the ends are so dry, your strands have grown in any direction and are constantly getting tangled and there’s just too much hair.

Signs It Is Time For A Haircut

4. Your styling is oh-so-predictable.

If that same old ponytail or blow dried straight do has been your go-to everyday and for every occasion, there’s only one word for it- boring. It’s time for a refreshing cut.

5. Your pictures from age 15 and above look all the same.

No, it’s not because of your anti-wrinkle cream, it’s because of your same old hair.

6. Your bangs are blinding you!

Your fringe has grown so long, it’s constantly covering your eyes and you’re tempted to trim it yourself.

Signs It Is Time For A Haircut

7. It falls flat.

Words like spring, bounce and life are alien to you and your mane. No matter how much you try to style it, your locks always fall flat without any volume or character.

8. You’re starting a new phase of life.

Whether it’s a new job, new relationship or are just planning to shake up that daily rut, turn over a new leaf with a cool new look. How can it be a refreshing time in your life if you still have the same hair you’ve had since the past 8 years?!

9. You don’t remember the last time a guy checked you out.

A fabulous cut should enhance your best features, have star-worthy volume and compliment your face. Can you really say that for what you’re currently sporting?

Signs It Is Time For A Haircut

10. It doesn’t have a shape.

You can no longer see any layers and your hair has grown wild and free- there’s just so much of it!

11. You’ve spotted split ends.

You do know they are a sign of damage? That should be reason enough to hit up your hairdresser.

12. Your life is a series of bad hair days.

Enough said!

Signs It Is Time For A Haircut


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