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#RealGirlStyle: Camouflage That Tummy with These 7 Sneaky Tricks!

#RealGirlStyle: Camouflage That Tummy with These 7 Sneaky Tricks!

Whether you’re a new mother with a mummy-tummy, a busy woman who is somewhat out of shape, a girl who’s inherited the family potbelly, or simply someone who just can’t get rid of that belly flab, it’s probably undeniable that your tummy has caused you grief more than once when it comes to dressing up. Well, ladies, we’ve been there too, and we’re here to help – today we give you the ultimate guide to camouflaging that pesky bulge. Quickly read up on these sneaky tricks for hiding your tummy – and you won’t have to worry about drawing unwanted attention to your mid-section ever again!

#1. Layer Up!

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Slip on a Jacket

There is nothing like a bit of layering to cover up that bulge. Have a top that you absolutely love, but which highlights your tummy a bit too much? Slip on a well-fitted blazer on top of it. Not only does it nip in at the waist, making you look slimmer, but the overlapping of the jacket front also draws attention away from your tummy.

POPxo recommends: Elliza Donatein Ladies Cotton Single Buttoned Coat, Rs 1,199

Cardigans Over Pullovers

Pullovers are smart, sure, but cardigans work wonders for ladies who are looking for some mid-section camouflage. Whether you’re looking to wear it buttoned up or not, the additional layer with an opening down the middle creates a vertical line for visual focus and gives a leaner appearance to your torso.

POPxo recommends: Vero Moda Open Front Cardigan, Rs 1,695

Shrug It Off

A long shrug has the same effect that a cardigan does. However, be careful that it reaches at least your upper hip – a shorter version such as a bolero is not a great idea because it ends at or above your tummy, automatically drawing eyes to it.

POPxo recommends: TeeMoods Set of Two Shrugs with 3/4th Sleeves, Rs 699

#2. Create a Focal Point for Your Torso

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Pay Attention to Your Neckline

A great way of keeping eyes off your tummy is to highlight your other assets. Show off your shoulders with a boat-necked top or dress. Vee-necks and sweetheart necklines too work well by emphasizing your bust rather than your tummy. And if you’re comfortable with showing a little cleavage, nothing like it!

POPxo recommends: KOOVS Halter Strap Detail Dress in the Style of Amrita Rao, Rs 570

Your Hemline Matters Too

Remember that your top needs to end at least at your hip, and not at level with your tummy or higher. Crop tops are a no-no, but asymmetrical hemlines look great.

POPxo recommends: FabIndia Cotton Mull Kalamkari Overlap Hem Top, Rs 880

Explore Pleats and Panels

Panels, pleats and sewed-in layers are great for focusing attention on your upper torso. They don’t overemphasize the bust, and yet the detailing keeps eyes from straying too much towards your stomach.

POPxo recommends: Femella Casual Sleeveless Solid Women’s Top, Rs 790

#3. Know the Cuts That Work for You

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Embrace the Empire Waist

A top or a dress with a fitted bodice that ends just below the bust and then flares out creates the illusion of a high waist, and the drape of the fabric helps mask the stomach area.

POPxo recommends: KOOVS Lace Chiffon Dress, Rs 745

Peplum Works Too

The peplum, by virtue of the fitted waist and the additional layer of flared fabric right where the stomach begins, is one of the greatest gifts that recent fashion has given to ladies with tummy problems. It camouflages a less-than-perfect mid-riff like nothing else does. Accept it happily, and use it well!

POPxo recommends: New Look Inspire Embellished Peplum Top on ASOS, Rs 1,060

A-Line Is for Awesome

The traditional A-line, with the outfit at its narrowest at the shoulder/bust and then flaring gently out along the line of the body, is one of the most tummy-friendly cuts ever. Whether it’s a kurta that you’re looking to pair with a churidaar, or a tunic that you want to team with leggings, you could do a whole lot worse than turning to the A-line.

POPxo recommends: Little India Women’s Kurta - Red, Rs 591

#4. Pick Dresses That Flatter Your Silhouette

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Stock Up on Skater Dresses

The wide skirt flaring out from the nipped-in waist basically means that the skater dress highlights the narrowest portion of your torso and totally hides your tummy!

POPxo recommends: Floral Wash Skater Dress on FabAlley, Rs 1,500

Wrap It Up

Wrap dresses are miracle workers when it comes to concealing a tummy. The overlap detailing is a very useful disguise for a bulge that refuses to behave itself.

POPxo recommends: Lipsy Sweetheart Pencil Dress with Wrap Skirt, Rs 4,435

Kaftans and Kimonos

The flared sleeves and the in-drawn waist combine to make these super-flattering outfits for anyone looking to hide of bit of stomach. Also, these make for super-comfortable options that you can wear all day long.

POPxo recommends: Oriental Print Kimono Dress on The Closet Label, Rs 1,770

#5. Optimize Your Waist!

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High Waists Work Better Than Low Ones

Whether it’s trousers you’re picking, or jeans or skirts, go for high-waist versions. The cloth holds your tummy in and makes for a more flattering appearance. With a low waist, you risk the “muffin top”, i.e., the spill-over of flab above the waistband.

POPxo recommends: Miss Chase Retro High-Waist Jeggings, Rs 1,439

Be Careful with That Belt

Don’t belt up too tightly because, while that draws in some flesh, it also creates a “rubber band” effect – making you bulge out both above and below. A not-too-narrow belt, worn just below the ribs, where your body is at your slimmest, is a better option than a wearing a belt across (and drawing attention to) your actual tummy.

POPxo recommends: Hot Berries Green Belt, Rs 399

Add Some Detailing

Bows, ruffles, embroidery and other form of detailing at your waist do a lot to deflect attention from your tummy. But, again, be very careful that the detailing is restricted to your natural waist – just below your rib cage – and does not veer down to your abdomen, because that would have the opposite effect of focusing attention on your problem area.

POPxo recommends: Species Women Red Wool Blend Top, Rs 1,599

#6. Add Structure to Your Frame

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Pick Structured Clothes Instead of Baggy Ones

A structured outfit does much more for making your wobbly bits look less obvious than a baggy one. A well-fitted dress in a stiff fabric will pull in flab, making your tummy bulge less. A baggy dress, on the other hand, might make you think that it’s going to hide your tummy, but what it will do instead is to make your overall frame look bulkier.

POPxo recommends: Forever 21 Pleated Square Neck Dress, Rs 1,559

Choose the Right Fabrics

Clingy fabrics like Lycra, jersey and stretchy knits are unforgiving to your tummy. They cling, and they make everyone’s eyes go right to the places that you want them paying the least attention to. Instead, pick fabrics like cotton or silk or wool (or synthetic alternatives) that drape rather than cling, and skim your tummy rather than hug it.

POPxo recommends: Good Things Women’s Silk Straight Kurta, Rs 899

Invest in Good Quality Innerwear

Whether it’s a tight camisole/vest that holds your flesh in firmly, reducing the possibility of unwanted bulges, or shapewear that moulds your tummy into a shape that you are happier with, good inner wear is an absolute must.

POPxo recommends: These two pieces on sculpting your silhouette and the different kinds of shapewear.

#7. Accessorize Right

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Necklaces Can Help

Invest in a couple of neckpieces that end at your bust or lower. A layered necklace or a statement pendant will hold the eye, deflecting attention from your problem area.

POPxo recommends: Pipa + Bella Suspended Timber Strand Necklace, Rs 1,450

Add on a Stole

Whether you wrap it around your shoulders and knot it at the front, or you simply drape it around your neck and let the ends hang loose, a stole adds another visual dimension for people to focus on.

POPxo recommends: Itnol Women Blue & White Checked Stole, Rs 199

When in Doubt, Go with Heels

Because no matter what else you’re wearing, legs showcased well by a pair of heels always, always save the day.

POPxo recommends: Trendy Beige High Heels on LimeRoad, Rs 1,299

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