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Say WHAT? Outdated Fashion Rules You Should Totally Ignore!

Say WHAT? Outdated Fashion Rules You Should Totally Ignore!

Listen up, ladies. Fashion isn't mathematics - it’s more an art form. It embodies your attitude and your personal style statement. What doesn't work on someone might just work fabulously for you. So don’t get swayed by every single thing that your friends, peers and the glossies say and compromise your own sense of style. You are your own stylist, and you have the power to make or reinvent your look. So let us help you break these totally outdated fashion rules!

1. “Never pair bright colours together”

outdated fashion rules

Wearing bright colours together is not aesthetic only if you don't know how to make it work. But if you can balance it out, then you can throw this "rule" out of the window! Colour-blocking is a good option. As long as you can figure out colours that compliment each other, you're good to go!

2. “Heels aren't meant for tall people”

outdated fashion rules

Heels aren't just made for short women, they're made for everyone. Sure, it'll add a few more inches to your height, but look on the brighter side: they make your legs look more appealing, which we think is a win! Don't listen to people: if you're blessed with height, make the best use of it.

3. “Horizontal stripes and large prints will make your body appear larger”

outdated fashion rules

Sporting large prints or horizontal stripes are bound to grab attention, that’s why it’s very important to know how to wear them. An easy tip to go about would to wear a jacket or blazer over the printed/striped blouse, then club it with chunky accessories. The key here is to balance the look with other subtle fashion staples.

4. “Short girls can’t wear maxis”

outdated fashion rulesIf you're petite, you may have a mental block that wearing long dresses are so not your "thing". Sure, a maxi would make your body appear tiny, but you can always twist the look by wearing the right pair of heels, standing in the right posture and sporting the right colours. Remember, as long as the maxi dress is well-fitted and doesn’t drag along the floor, it can be worn by anyone! If you’re still unsure about the whole idea, here’s what you can do. (Thank us later!)

5. “NEVER wear denim-on-denim”

outdated fashion rules

Last year, the “denim-on-denim” trend was a huge success, and it was huge for a reason. The combination helped girls sport an extremely desirable vintage and classic look. Play with shades and opt for the right kind of shoes to create an interesting ensemble. Here's an example: opt for a pair of white/black pair of jeans and team it up with a top made of the same material with an interesting wash. Comprende?

6. “Never mix gold and silver accessories together”

outdated fashion rules

Someone desperately needs to put an end to this fashion myth. Of course you can wear gold and silver together; you just need to know how to work your way around them. When wearing gold and silver baubles, make sure that both of them vary in size. For instance,  a thick gold chain can be clubbed together with a dainty silver one. Once your accessories are in place, your outfit will look a lot more natural. (To know how to embrace the metallic trend in general, click here!)

7. “You have to match your shoes with your clutch”

outdated fashion rules

While this perception may seem convenient, we beg to differ. Since life is full of risks, why should fashion be any different? Matching your clutch with your pumps and belt are so passé. Your choice of style needs a change, and mixing up fashion pieces is one of them. For example, club a snow-white clutch with a tangerine belt and a smart pair of leopard pumps. This takes practice, but you’ll end up perfecting it eventually.

8. “Never mix red and pink together”

outdated fashion rules

Both shades are bright, and both have the potential of ensuring double takes. The key here is to merge the two shades together. For instance, dark maroon mixed with baby pink can give you enough contrast to break up your look . Notice Alia's trendy college jacket? Its sleeves are baby pink and the rest of the jacket is bright red in colour. Isn't that a brilliant combo? You should totally give this mix a shot!

 9. “Skinny jeans aren’t meant for curvy women”


Image: Everett Collection /

This one is super untrue! Skinny jeans aren’t just meant for skinny women. They’re meant to fit all body types. This pair of denims will not only accentuate your figure, but also highlight your gorgeous legs. You can pair these denims with a flowy blouse and a pair of stilettos to make your legs look even longer!

10. “If you’re past 30, you should say goodbye to mini skirts”

outdated fashion rules

Since when did you start paying attention to trash-talkers? You’re a beautiful woman, with a magnificent figure. Nothing in this world should stop you from wearing what you want to wear, no matter what your age! If you have gorgeous legs, flaunt them. Take Bips for example: she's definitely on the other side of 30, but she still looks smashing in that mini skirt! Trust us ladies, age is just a number, don't let it define your style.

Celebrity images: Viral Bhayani

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