#NY2015: 29 Career Resolutions Every Woman Should Make! | POPxo

#NY2015: 29 Career Resolutions Every Woman Should Make!

#NY2015: 29 Career Resolutions Every Woman Should Make!
From climbing the professional ladder to just getting through the year with a difficult boss, we all have certain aims and aspirations when it comes to our work life. To help you fix some practical problems and set yourself professional goals, we have a look at the career resolutions of our Style Council members. Who better than these intelligent, accomplished and super-fabulous set of ladies to give us some mega inspiration to kickstart the year?!

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1. Stop procrastinating.
I tend to do everything close to the deadline.

2. Organize your digital life.
Personal websites, social media accounts. This helps effective networking.

3. Plan your work.
For the past month, I've been putting everything into lists and my digital calendar - it's made me so much more productive. I set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals for myself.

- Priyanka Gill, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, POPxo


4. Focus on building.
I’m going to really focus on building out the POPxo team.

5. Understand that people really are what make the difference.
When it comes to your work, you have to find the right people in order to be able to grow.

- Namrata Bostrom, Co-Founder and CEO, POPxo

6. Make a conscious effort to get to know people across the business.
Connect on a deeper level and find ways to add value. As well, stay in touch with old colleagues and friends.

7. Be more proactive.
So much of our time is caught up in business-as-usual that we often don’t have time to think strategically both about our roles and our careers. So I resolve to periodically step back and think about the bigger picture.

8. Keep learning and growing.
Whether employed or not, it's important to expand horizons and grow as a person (e.g. travel, explore, read books, take courses, mentor, try new things).

- Annabel Treon, Strategy Consultant and Freelance Writer


9. Spend more time shaping your career...
The way you want it.

10. Branch out to make your passions into new careers.
I’ve juggled two different streams of work before and, even though it was hard, it kept me busy and alive! Now I plan to do more.

11. Be successful at whatever it is you are doing.
And make a difference if you can!

- Anushka Menon, Beauty and Fashion Photographer

12. Try to be more prudent with your finances.
And buy just three bags a year if you need to!

13. Revamp, revitalize and refresh your networks.
Your online profiles and resume too need to be rejuvenated.

14. Quit a boring job.
And start doing what you are really passionate about!

- Apsara Oswal, Founder, MYthology Boutique

15. Set clear goals on what to achieve in your career in 2015.
Read them every day to remind yourself.

16. Under-promise and over-deliver.
Learn to manage expectations and exceed them.

17. Learn how others succeeded in your chosen profession.
Read about them, take inspiration and figure out your own roadmap for success.

- Farzana Baduel, Founder, Curzon PR


18. Set personal goals only for what's in your control.
Find a friend or colleague to hold you accountable.

19. Build your network.
Do this every day, every week.

20. Use any envy towards colleagues as inspiration.
Build on your feelings to learn a new skill set or step up your game.

- Melanie Kannokada, Actor and Model

21. Keep calm!
And stay focused on your goals.

22. Communicate better.
Build better relationships with your co-workers and have fun.

- Nadia Samdani, Art Connoisseur

23. Stick up for yourself.
What are you passionate about? What do you love? Don't get stuck doing the same routine thing and never letting your creativity shine.

24. Expect more out of yourself.
Especially as an entrepreneur, I'm so amazed at what we're able to accomplish in one day. Push yourself and reap the rewards.

25. Be open to ideas.
You definitely have star qualities, but you can learn so much from your co-workers. I learn something every single day!

- Payal Kadakia, CEO and Co-Founder, ClassPass


26. Do what you enjoy and ensure you are getting the rewards you deserve.
But also keep a long-term plan in mind.

- Sujata Assomull Sippy, Fashion Columnist

27. Focus on your own goals.
Instead of competing with others, make sure that you're on track with your own plans.

28. Be polite to co-workers.
Even if you can't stand them!

29. Constantly challenge yourself.
Do not become complacent.

Zahraa Saifullah, CEO, Hello! Pakistan

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