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#LoveFail: Romantic Gestures So Overrated That They Are Positively Creepy

#LoveFail: Romantic Gestures So Overrated That They Are Positively Creepy

If life was just like fiction we would all be living in a Yash Raj film, right? The reality is that life is much stranger than fiction, and if we start behaving like characters from romance novels and films, we are likely to end up in jail or seriously freak out people we want to impress. For all those who thought Raanjhana was a “sweet love story” instead of a stalker horror film, here’s a list of overrated romantic gestures that are actually very, very creepy!

1. Running past airport security to confess your love

One shouldn't always take cues from movies, and this is one such situation. You will definitely land up in jail if you run around an airport, dodging security guards and the police, chasing your love interest. This is not so much a gesture as it is a sure-shot way of getting into some serious trouble!

overrated romantic gestures

2. Following your love around everywhere

Twilight might have been your favourite book/film series, but do not practice romance like Edward and Bella did - literally creeping up behind each other, staring into the other’s bedroom from the window and mingling with dangerous druggie types just to get your partner’s attention. It’s called stalking, not romance. NOT COOL.

overrated romantic gestures

3. Getting into fist fights

Boys like to think that if they get into a fight to “protect” their girlfriends then they really do appear to be macho and desirable. This, however, is completely untrue. No one wants to date a Singham or a Chulbul Pandey, who might one day raise his hand on his loved ones if he lost his temper with them. Keep it cool and deal with problems like an intelligent and calm man - that’s what girls dig. Are we right, ladies?

overrated romantic gestures

5. Getting a tattoo

David Beckham did it. So did Deepika Padukone. They both got their partner’s name inked on their body, and it didn't work out very well for at least one of them. Do it only when you are absolutely certain you will be able to afford a tattoo removal procedure! Otherwise just buy your boyfriend a watch or something.

overrated romantic gestures

5. Writing a love letter in your own blood...

... Or generally slashing your wrists to show how much you love someone is NOT romantic. It is creepy and a power tactic used to avoid getting dumped. This is not the nineteenth century, and we wish people would stop romanticizing such infuriating things in the name of love.

overrated romantic gestures

6. Suicide pacts

What kind of idiots decide to end their lives if they can’t be with each other?! This stuff is good in pulp fiction or in films, sure - but, guys, there is SO much more to life than just a romantic relationship! Get over it, move on and find yourself a kick-ass job instead. Because once you are dead, there’s really no changing your mind and turning the clock back.

overrated romantic gestures

7. Turning into Devdas

Even Shah Rukh Khan looked highly undesirable as a drunk. If you think turning into a perpetually intoxicated scumbag will help you get your lover back, that ain’t happening, yo.

overrated romantic gestures

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Published on Dec 17, 2014
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