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#LifeHacks: How to Party Sober Without Being a Party Pooper!

#LifeHacks: How to Party Sober Without Being a Party Pooper!

Parties defined by good food, soft music, mouth-watering sweets and, of course, yummy drinks. But for teetotallers, feeling pressured to drink when others around you are indulging in some alcohol-induced frivolity can be hard to deal with - especially since most of them tend to accuse you of being a buzz-kill! However, there ARE ways of working your way around such situations. If you want to party sober without being a party pooper, read our tips on how to come across as a pro, without being one. Cheers, mate!

1. Hold Your Glass Like a Prop

how to party sober

You are not required to take a sip from your drink, just hold your glass like a prop. People will not bother you as long as you have a drink in your hand (that is the primary objective). After you’re done with the show, you can head to the bar and ask the bartender to make you a yummy mocktail or a lime soda. Yep, that’s how you fake it like a pro!

2. Use a Soft Drink As a Substitute for an "Actual" Drink

how to party sober

Here’s an idea to experiment with. Visually speaking, there is no difference between a rum and Coke and just Coke. Pretend that you are having some dark rum, when you will be just sipping on some virgin Cuba Libre (plain old Coke)! The same can be done with vodka and Sprite, and also with apple juice and whisky. However, remember to giggle a little here and there so that it gives people the illusion that you’re on your way to tipsy-land!

3. Don’t Make a Big Deal About Being the “Sober” One

how to party sober

The more you say you don’t drink, the more your friends are going to try to force you - it's the nature of the party beast. It’s better to keep mum and sip on something that looks like booze, but isn’t (read point 2 again!). It's also possible to use an excuse like you’re driving later or you’re not feeling too well to get off the hook. But whatever you do, do NOT make a big deal about being sober while everyone around you is not. A party is not the place where occupying the high moral ground is something that anyone else will appreciate.

4. Be a Social Butterfly

how to party sober

If you’re not drinking at a party, don’t sulk over it and stand apart from the crowd. Talk to people, make new friends, dance till your feet hurt and get involved in some crazy cool games. Remember, parties are not just about getting drunk and passing out - they are about having fun and giving yourself a break from the daily grind. It’s your night out too, so make the most of it!

5. Remember That You Are No One's Babysitter

how to party sober

Just because you’re the sober one doesn’t mean you’re obligated to keep checks on people’s alcohol consumption and take care of them when they get sloshed. Neither is it your job to point out that they're getting up to antics that would embarrass them were they sober. One of the reasons people drink is because they want to loosen up on inhibitions - you're not going to endear yourself to your friends by drawing attention to the fact. If someone is risking making lifelong enemies with their drunken behaviour or risking making themselves sick, sure, you can (and should!) intervene. But until that point, what they're doing is their business. Don't get into it.

6. Hang Out with Positive People

how to party sober

Instead of being a wallflower, get up and mix with people who are brewing with positive energy. Make small talk and keep it simple. Parties are full of interesting people, which is why you should go up and talk to them. If you’re having a tough time trying to spot one, we’ll help you with that too.

7. Bring Out the Crazy in You

how to party sober

Being sober makes you conscious about your behaviour. But sometimes it’s okay to let go. Especially when you're surrounded by people whose memories of what you get up to are going to be fuzzy at best. Let your hair down and have some fun. Don’t worry, no one’s going to judge you, everyone is too drunk to care!

Who says a sober person can’t have fun? With these these tips anyone - yes, ANYONE - can have a good time at a party! And if you want to share a trippy yet sober experience with us, feel free to leave a comment on our FB page.

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Published on Dec 12, 2014
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