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#PartySmart: How to Party This Year-End Without Gaining Weight!

#PartySmart: How to Party This Year-End Without Gaining Weight!

December is the festive month - and that means parties, parties, and more parties. The year-long wait, and the promise of unwinding after all the annual stress surely make it legit to completely let loose. But hang on a minute! Ever thought of the unwanted yet inevitable weight gain that all the carousing around will result in? Don’t worry, as always, we are there to make things easy for you. We give you the ultimate party-smart-and-stay-in-shape checklist so you can party without gaining weight. Party hard, but party responsibly - you owe it to yourself!

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is anyway a ground rule for healthy living. And when you are subjecting yourself to fair amounts of alcohol intake, drinking substantial quantities of fluids becomes even more important. Remember to drink a glass of water after every drinks. This will help you to flush out the alcohol from your system. Remember that alcohol has high calorie content and will definitely add to your waistline. The best part about the alcohol-water-alcohol routine? No one will ever accuse you of not being able to hold your drink!

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2. Know Thy Alcohol

With 7 calories per gram, alcohol is second only to fat when it comes to calorie count, which provides 9 calories per gram. Hence drinking in moderation is the only way to cut down on excessive calorie intake! Thankfully, you do not get any carbs from spirits like vodka and gin. Mixers exponentially increase the calorie count of drinks. You will be surprised to know that drinking neat liquor is way healthier. Whisky, rum, gin or vodka on the rocks or with water or a sugar-free soda works well too. You need to know the calorie count of your preferred spirit. E.g. 25 ml of gin contains 59 kcal; 25 ml of rum contains 58 kcal, while 25 ml of whisky contains 64 kcal. For calorie counts of other alcoholic spirits, read this.

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3. Choose Your Drink Well

We all love cocktails that are sweet and hence taste yum. But beware that it not only increases your sugar intake but also stimulates cravings! Sweet drinks make us hungrier and result in overeating. Avoid cocktails with too many mixers. Make sure to pick a drink that is not made with canned juices and carbonated beverages with a high sugar content. Opt for fresh juices and sugar-free sodas. Low calorie mixers like Mio and Crystal Light are also great. A lot of healthy cocktail options are available online. For example, if you are a vodka drinker, check out these wonderful low-cal cocktails. Here’s a list of skinny cocktail mixers that you can also benefit from.

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4. No Binge Drinking

You need to make sure that you do not end up drinking too much in a party. The body does not break down the calories as fast as you are consuming them. Alcohol retention leads to bloating and will mess with your system, affecting digestion and other vital metabolic processes.

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5. Portion Policing

Drinking on an empty stomach is an absolute no-no. Having said so, stuffing your face with food at a party is also not advisable. Control your portions – if you want to try more than 5 things on the spread, take bite-sized portions of each. Also make sure half your plate is filled with veggies!

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6. Going Hungry to a Party? Absolutely Not

One great way to stop overeating at parties is not going hungry to one. Even if you are rushing to one from work, make sure you pick up a sandwich on the way. It ensures that the first drink you have will not be on an empty stomach and also keep you away from picking from each tray that comes your way.

7. Exercise You Must

Just because you have four parties to attend over three days, it does not mean you break your exercise routine. You can go without exercising for a total of two days in a row, but never beyond that. Also, while at a party, try not to sit at one place. Move around and be on your feet. An active body ensures high metabolism.

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8. Take a Break

If you find yourself partying every second day, you need to take a break. If you have parties lined up on consecutive days, avoid drinking alcohol, or stick to two drinks tops on the second day. Remember, it is important to give your body time to recover.

9. Eight Hours of Sleep

If too much partying is disrupting your sleep cycles, you need to fix it urgently. A minimum of eight hours of sleep is essential. A lot of bodily functions take place during sleep. Sleep deprivation affects your metabolism and digestion, robbing you off your vigour and vitality.

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So now that your arsenal is equipped with all these to-dos to avoid gaining weight this year-end, go ahead and party your heart out. Having fun still tops the list, after all! 

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