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#BeautySchool: How to Get the Perfect Brows!

#BeautySchool: How to Get the Perfect Brows!

With all that attention on your hair and skin, how much do you really think about your eyebrows, other than those monthly salon appointments? Perfectly groomed brows can seriously elevate your appearance, balance your features and enhance your pretty brown eyes. But thanks to years of threading and plucking, you could be left with brows that are too thin and a shape that you’re not so sure about. Well we help you do some damage control and tell you how to achieve fuller, thicker brows that are oh-so-fashionable and way more natural and youthful looking. Follow these tips for perfect brows that will seriously level up your beauty game.

 How to Get the Perfect Shape for You

How To Get Perfect BrowsKeep these points in mind to see if the lady at your neighborhood parlour has been doing them right, and if not, how you can grow them out and fix them. Cara Delevingne brows, here you come!

1. The Starting Point

Take a tweezer, hold it upside down so the open end is pointing downwards and place it against your face vertically, next to the edge of the bottom of your nose. Where the top of your tweezer sits, marks where your eyebrow should begin (it should be about an inch above the inner corner of your eye). Repeat this on the other side, making sure that the gap between both brows is centered above the bridge of your nose, and remove any stray hairs in-between both your brows.

2. The End Point

How To Get Perfect BrowsThis should determine if your brows are too long or too short. Place the tweezer against your cheek at an angle so that the open end sits at the edge of the bottom of your nose and the top end crosses next to the outer edge of your eye. The point where it ends along your brow bone is where your eyebrow should end. Pluck any hairs below this point or grow them out to fill in the length.

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3. How Thick Should They be?

Find the fullest point of your brow, take an eye pencil and draw a line below it, along the bottom of your brow that follows the natural curve of the top of your eyebrow. It could be angled, slightly curved or even relatively straight. This is how thick your brow should be; remove any hair that grows below this line. Your brows should be a quarter to half of an in inch in thickness.

4. Mark Your Arches

While looking in the mirror, mark out the point right above the outer edge of your iris (the coloured part around your pupil) on your brow bone- that’s your arch. Your tail should be shaped after this peak; it should be thinner and tapering at the end.

Psst! If you’re trying to grow out too-thin brows, one way to help them grow back faster and thicker is by applying castor oil religiously. Trust us, it’s a secret weapon for upping your brow game.

How to Fake Fuller, Thicker Brows

If you’ve been a victim of some overzealous threading and plucking, you can use makeup to fake better brows while you grow them out.

Step 1: Take a brow brush or even a clean mascara brush and comb your eyebrows upwards and over the tail to tame them. If you aren’t worrying about growing them out then you can trim any hairs for a more even length.

How To Get Perfect Brows

Step 2: Take an eyebrow pencil that matches the colour of the hair on your head or is one shade lighter for a softer look and fill in your brows in upward strokes. Start at your arch and work down your tail, then fill in the front and the top. Don’t forget to blend well as you don’t want any obvious lines. We like Lakme Eyebrow Pencil or MAC Stud Eye Brow Pencil for a blendable, natural-looking texture.

How To Get Perfect Brows

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 Step 3: Add some finishing touches with a highlighter pencil like Mary Kay Facial Highlighting Pen and trace the bottom of your brow, along the brow bone and smudge it with a brush. This makes it look cleaner, enhances your brow shape and highlights your arches. You can also swipe on a bit of Vaseline for a more defined look and to keep the hair in place. Voila, you now have gorgeous, full brows like Deepika Padukone or even the gorgeous Brooke Shields.

How To Get Perfect Brows

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