#GirlPower: Watch the “Bitch in Business” Video - Sexists Get Slammed! | POPxo

#GirlPower: Watch the “Bitch in Business” Video - Sexists Get Slammed!

#GirlPower: Watch the “Bitch in Business” Video - Sexists Get Slammed!

Women hear all kinds of things at the workplace. And most of it doesn’t have anything to do with the work they’re doing.  

1. You should smile more, show off those pearly whites! People think you’re too aggressive.

2. Why are you so tough on people? A woman needs to use a softer touch, else your team won’t respond to you.

3. Why aren’t you married yet? Don’t you ever want to have babies?

4. You get paid less because you have less experience. It has nothing to do with your gender.

5. Whom did you have to sleep with to get to the top?!

6. Why are you so cranky today? Are you PMSing?

7. God, you’re such a feminist.

8. Why can’t you wear something more sober and decent?

9. You won’t be able to handle this project, it’s got a lot of statistics and figures.

10. You’re such a bitch!

If you’ve ever wanted to give it back to the jerks who say crap like this, we have the perfect anthem for you. Watch this video made by a bunch of MBA students from The Columbia Business School. “Bitch in Business” is, according to its creators, “A love letter to all the badass bitches who aren’t afraid to be themselves in the business world. #BiB.”


More power to you, ladies!

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