#SavvyShopper: 10 Dresses Every Woman Should Get Hold of NOW!

#SavvyShopper: 10 Dresses Every Woman Should Get Hold of NOW!

Face it, we women just LOVE shopping. We’re guilty of splurging on chunky accessories, luxury bags, glittery pumps and, of course, pretty dresses. If you’re a shopaholic like most of us, then you definitely have to own some signature dresses. And if you’re having trouble with your wardrobe, we’re here to put an end to the suffering with our list of 10 dresses every woman should have in her wardrobe.

1. The Little Black Dress

dresses every woman should have in her wardrobe

This one’s a classic. No matter what accessory you club it with, you’ll always manage to look like a million dollar baby. LBDs make for great evening wears, and can easily be worn to occasions ranging from office functions to dates. Even if you go sans jewellery, your LBD alone will make sure you look glammed up.

POPxo Loves:  Flirty Fit & Flare Dress (Rs.749), Sexy Sheer Dress (Rs. 597), Dress With Flouncy Skirt (Rs. 2990), Vero Moda Black Dress (Rs. 1407)

2. The Elegant Maxi

dresses every woman should have in her wardrobe

If you’re not in the mood to sport a pair of blue jeans, you have an alternative, slip into a maxi dress. They’re not only uber-comfy but also give your body a sleek appearance (especially, if you want to hide those extra pounds)! Over time, you can experiment with colour, print and accessories. A maxi can be worn for casual events like catching a movie with your besties or grabbing a quick lunch with your man. Well, you get the drift!

POPxo Loves:  Femella Front Cut Out Maxi Dress (Rs. 1450), Liebemode Red Embroidered Maxi Dress (Rs. 1599), Daisy Print Maxi Skirt (Rs. 1009), Eclectic Beauty Maxi Dress (Rs. 1,919).

3. The Summery Floral Dress

dresses every woman should have in her wardrobe

If you’re totally gaga about prints, you MUST own a floral dress. These dresses are very chic, trendy and easy to carry off. Since your dress is dominated by prints, you don’t have to over-accessorize for this outfit. Just a dainty bracelet and a cute pair of metallic earrings will do the trick. For picnics and casual coffee dates, this dress is ideal.

POPxo Loves:  Darling Rose A-Line Dress (Rs. 1,559), MIAMINX Multi Floral Dress (Rs. 999), WAREHOUSE Abstract Floral Print Dress (Rs. 2,940), Floral Wash Skater Dress (Rs. 1500)

4. The Dashing Cocktail Dress

dresses every woman should have in her wardrobe

If you’re a party freak, you MUST get your hands on a cocktail dress ASAP! These dresses highlight your curves, boost your self-esteem and add depth to your look. And it works pretty well if you want to catch a certain boy’s attention! Add more funk to your look by clubbing your dress with a few statement baubles and carrying a geometric shaped clutch with you.

POPxo Loves:  Sassy Swing Skater Dress (Rs. 1,600), Mesh Sway Polka Dress (Rs. 1,500), Rise And Shine Skater Dress (Rs. 1,850), Natalia Red Lace Dress (Rs. 1,399)

5. Lady In Red

dresses every woman should have in her wardrobe

No dress comes close to the red one. It makes you look elegant and sexy. The beauty of wearing a red dress is that it makes your personality glow without you even having to try. It’s definitely an attention-grabber and gives you the confidence to conquer the world! Since red is an overpowering colour by itself, you don’t need to stress on the accessories for this one.

POPxo Loves:  Besiva Red Solid Dress (Rs. 699), Red Candy Dress (Rs. 1,657), Mesh-Trimmed Bodycon Dress (Rs. 939), River Island Red Chiffon Hem Cami Dress (Rs. 2,214)

6. Little Miss Skater

dresses every woman should have in her wardrobe

The skater dress is fun and trendy. It’s a perfect dress to wear when heading out to brunch with your BFFs. It's great for channelling some casual-yet-sexy vibe, and looks fab on all body types. Club it with a vintage satchel or an adorable Aztec backpack for a truly outstanding look!

POPxo Loves:  Tonga Peach Skater Half Sleeved Dress (Rs. 1,350), Little Mistress Lace Bodice Skater Dress With Cut-Out Back (Rs. 2,170), Lawasche Sexy Midnight Owl Skater Dress (Rs. 985)

7. Colour Me Denim

dresses every woman should have in her wardrobe

If you love denim as a fabric, then this is an outfit worth a shot. To complete the look, you might want to scatter a few accessories here and there. Instead of wearing boots or sneakers, try glittery pumps and colourful flats instead. These tiny add-ons will provide a softer touch to your rockstar outfit.

POPxo Loves:  OASIS Pussy Bow Neck Denim Dress (Rs. 1,850), GAS Denim Tunic Dress (Rs. 7,990), Femella Blue Short Sleeve Dress (Rs. 1,750)

8. The White Beauty

dresses every woman should have in her wardrobe

Just like the colour black, white is in a class of its own. With the right amount of bling and statement clutches, you are sure to turn heads. This dress will come in handy for social occasions and parties. However, try going minimal on the baubles, as you don’t want to kill the subtlety of the dress.

POPxo Loves:  Phoebe White Dress (Rs. 1,099), Zara Textured White Dress (Rs. 4,990), Lace Grace Dress (Rs. 1,399)

9. The Sophisticated Sheath Dress

dresses every woman should have in her wardrobe

The sheath dress screams sophistication and commands attention. A perfect dress to wear for office and attending business meetings. With a smartly cut blazer and the right pair of shoes, you’re bound to make a good impression in front of your boss. Occasionally, you can also play with colours and prints to add a touch of brightness to your outfit.

POPxo Loves:  Mosaic Print Sheath Dress (Rs. 1,249), Belted Bow Sheath Dress (Rs. 1,669), Miss Bennett Party-All-Night Black Mesh Sheath Dress (Rs. 779)

10. Lacey Love

dresses every woman should have in her wardrobe

The lace dress is perfect for a touch of flirtiness to your look. It’s elegant, cute and chic. Invest in a good lace dress so it can work for any occasion. The key here is to keep the outfit simple. A classic pair of nude pumps and a designer bag is all you need to complete your look.

POPxo Loves:  Zara Lace Dress (Rs. 3,990), Melika M Lace Overlay Pencil Dress (Rs. 5,000), Get Lucky Black Lacy Dress (Rs. 1,399), Faballey Pink Dresses (Rs. 1,850)

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