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Best Bestie 101 - The Girl Code!

Best Bestie 101 - The Girl Code!

Like the famous “bro code”, us women have a "sistah code" as well. The girl code is an unspoken set of rules that every woman secretly follows. Break any one of these golden rules, and you're thrown out of the bestie circle. If you’re not yet familiar with them, we’re here to give you a crash course. These rules could not just save your friendships but also make you make the best bestie ever in the eyes of your girlfriends!

Rule No 1: Never Hit On Your Bestie’s Ex Boyfriend

the girl code

No matter how cute he is, or how great a chemistry you think you share with him, you CANNOT hit on him! That’s just wrong. Come what may, you have to stand by your bestie at all times. In fact, it’s through her that you met him, remember? If you still feel strongly about him, think again, because if you do get together with him, you’re going to end up cutting out your BFF from your life. Then again, the choice is yours, and yours alone!

Rule No 2: Come to Her Rescue Whenever Your Presence Is Needed

the girl code

When she’s stuck with an awful date, who do you think is expected to bail her out? You, of course! She needs you at times like these. Dump whatever you’re doing, and come to her rescue. You’re her best friend, for God’s sake! You doing that for her gives her a reason to do the same for you. :)

Rule No 3: Always Defend Your Friend

the girl code

Whether she is right or wrong, it’s your job to stand at her side through thick and thin. If a random stranger talks trash behind her back, it’s your duty to get up and tell them to zip it! Isn’t that what besties do for one another?

Rule No 4: Be Her Emotional Crutch During Her Breakup

the girl code

This is the phase in her life where she’ll need you the most. Your job is to not to flood her ears with advice and lines like “I told you so”, on the contrary, just to hear her out. Take her shopping, pamper her at the spa and talk to her about her feelings. No one will tell you to do these tiny deeds, but they’re expected from a BFF.

Rule No 5: Never Choose a Dude Over Your Bestie

the girl code

Guys come and go, your bestie won’t. Once she leaves, there’s no telling when she’ll return. Trust us, your bond with her is much more valuable than the connection you feel with the random dude you just met at the bar. We’re not asking you to stick to her like glue and not bond with your guy. Do it - but don’t ditch her for him. Think about one thing: who’s going to have your back if the relationship goes kaput?

Rule No 6: Don’t Try Your Luck with Your Bestie’s Crush

the girl code

Knowing that your bestie has a thing for a guy, you can’t just go ahead and snatch him away from her arms. She will not only not forgive you for doing so, but she will also not open up to you about her secrets any more. Once trust is broken, it’s difficult to get back to things as they were.

Rule No 7: It’s Your Job to Make Her Happy When She’s Down

the girl code

We don’t expect you to make her feel special 24/7, but whenever depression manages to get the better of her, it’s your job to change the situation. Be there, hug her, and tell her how awesome she is. Those words of kindness and tiny gestures are bound to lift her spirit. If you’ve already been this person to your bestie, pat yourself on the back!

Rule No 8: If You Find Out That Her Man Is Cheating, You Gotta Tell Her!

the girl code

A not-too-close friend will not tell her with the intention of saving her from an heartache; a best friend, on the other hand, will call her on speed dial when she spots something fishy! It might ruffle your bestie’s feathers at first, but it’s for the best.


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Published on Dec 5, 2014
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