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#BeautySchool: 7 Eyeliner Mistakes You Are Probably Making Right Now

#BeautySchool: 7 Eyeliner Mistakes You Are Probably Making Right Now

No Indian girl’s beauty regime is complete without defining our peepers. It’s what every girl relies on when she wants a no-makeup day but still wants to add a dash of magic to her look. Lining our eyes is the most basic of makeup routines, but also the trickiest. We tell you a few common eyeliner mistakes you could be making that are coming between you and those perfect flicks. Keep these in mind the next time you pick up the kohl to help do up your eyes like a pro.


Mistake #1: Stretching Your Lids While Applying Liner

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Tugging at the outer corners of your lids to get a straight line is something that we’re all guilty of doing. It causes your skin to crinkle and leaves you with jagged lines. One tip to try instead is to point your chin up so you’re looking down at your reflection. This will help you glide on more precise, straight lines while your lids are half-closed.

Mistake #2: Going Heavy On The Lower Lid


When you’ve lined your upper lids, it’s best to go easy on the kajal along your lower lash line as that can make your eyes look smaller and droopier. Very few eye shapes can pull this off. Plus, it’s more prone to under eye smudges and you don’t want to look like you’re auditioning for a heavy metal band, right?! A subtler, thinner streak of kajal across your lower lids is all you need.

Mistake #3: Not Making The Right Choice - When to Use What


It would help if you know the difference between pencil, gel and liquid liners so you know when to use what. Pencil liners are effortless and quickest to apply as it’s easy to smudge away any mistakes. Use them on a rushed up morning. Gel liners are smooth, water resistant and can help you achieve the thickness you want. Liquid liners are the trickiest and should be left to the pros as you require a steady hand since they aren’t too forgiving when it comes to mistakes. You don’t want to spend ages rectifying a line gone awry with a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover. Use them when you have lots of time to spare and want to make a powerful impact thanks to their rich pigments.

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Mistake #4: Not Applying Eyeshadow on Top


Yes, even if you’re not going for a very dramatic look, applying a bit of matching eye shadow on top of your liner acts as a primer. It will stop it from smudging (especially if it’s a pencil liner) and will help it last all day long. Trust us, it’s a sure shot smudge-proofing technique.

Mistake #5: Liner In The Teardrop Area


Lining your eyes all the way into the inner corners or the teardrop area is a bad idea. It results in bacterial growth, and is more prone to smudging as it gets moist during the day. Plus it leads to that goop collecting in the inner corners of your eyes, which isn’t the most flattering look and it’s such a pain fishing it out without ruining your makeup.

Mistake #6: Applying Mascara First


Mascara should be your last step during your eye makeup process as it’s easier to see the lash line when your eyelashes are bare for a more precise application. Also, those thick lashes can get in the way and cause smudging and you’ll have to remove all your eye makeup and start from scratch. Plus, you will know how many coats of mascara you need only after applying your liner, otherwise you run the risk of overdoing it.

Mistake #7: Using Unsharpened and Dry Pencils


A dried out eye pencil will be rough on your skin and leave jagged lines. A pencil that is smooth and creamy in texture is what you need for better application and long-lasting effects. Also, make sure to use a sharp point as an unsharpened pencil will only tug at your eye. It sounds like common sense, but we’re all guilty of it when we’re rushing out of the door.

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