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14 Thoughts Every Woman Has at the End of the Year!

14 Thoughts Every Woman Has at the End of the Year!

Christmas and New Year’s are about happiness and enjoyment. You meet your friends and family, you eat good food, drink wine… And kind of panic when you realize the sheer amount of activity that has to be packed into those 7 days! These are the thoughts every woman has heading towards the end of the year...

end of the year

1. "Wait, do I need to give him a gift too? Now what?"

Yes, buying presents. It never ends. And sometimes people give you gifts when you least expect them. It helps to buy some nice but generic presents in advance for such emergency situations.

end of the year

2. "I didn't buy anything for that New Year party!"

The annual dilemma, with only one right answer. Yes, that little black dress you had your eye on. Treat yourself! (Especially since we’re totally here to help!)

end of the year

3. "Oh, I need a makeover!"

Think this through. Ask people. You don't want to go through the holidays with the disaster that your hairdresser thought was fashionable but was in too much of a hurry to execute. Or spend all your money on makeup that you’re never, ever going to use. (Make sure you read this for inspiration!)

end of the year

4. "Must reach the winter sales before anybody else does!"

Someone will possibly reach before you. But you have to still try to be the first in line, otherwise you'll be left with all the rejects.

end of the year

5. "I want mulled wine!"

Mulled wine is AWESOME. Enough said.

end of the year

6. "I need a winter coat. A really warm, sexy winter coat."

The colder it gets, the more hidden-within-a-sack one begins to look. A sexy winter coat is always a good idea. Already have one? Doesn't matter. Haven't you heard? Two winter coats are sexier than one! (Get yourself one of these babies!)

end of the year

7. "Have I done everything? I think I'm going to go mad!"

Holiday season stress is unfortunately all too common. Organizing parties, hosting friends and family, buying gifts, the general pressure to be cheery and happy. Take a breath. Relax. Maybe book yourself an afternoon at a spa.

end of the year

8. "So, which party should I go to?"

There's always more than one party. And something crazy always happens at the one you didn't go to. Pick wisely!

end of the year

9. "When was the last time I slept?!"

After all that partying, it's not surprising that you can't keep your eyes open. Unfortunately, there's only so much that sheer exuberance can do. Get some sleep!

end of the year

10. "Maybe I should travel to some place new this holiday season?"

If you've been thinking about travelling every year, and never get around to doing it, you should definitely do it this year and see a new place! And, no, it’s not too late plan it - just book yourself a bus or train ticket somewhere a few hours away, and go for it.

end of the year

11. "Where did I put the decorations?"

Every year, a few weeks after Christmas, you pack up the decorations carefully. You keep them in a safe spot. And somehow, you can't remember where that safe spot was ever again!

end of the year

12. "I don't think I can afford Christmas..."

That's simply not true. Christmas is for everyone, don't let the price tags depress you! (And if you’re stuck for inspiration, here are some ideas for you!)

end of the year

13. "What were my last year's resolutions?"

Yes, where are those things?! What were they? Doesn't matter. Time to make new ones!

end of the year

14. "Oh, damn. Another year... I am getting old.”

Let's not talk about this one.

end of the year

Images: Giphy, Tumblr, The Keep Calm-O-Matic

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Published on Dec 29, 2014
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