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13 Reasons You Desperately Need a Man Friday!

13 Reasons You Desperately Need a Man Friday!
As a self-proclaimed queen of procrastination, you know that your to-do list contains tasks from centuries ago that are waiting to be struck out. And more than half of that list holds things you HATE doing and wish you could outsource! Gone are those glorious days when you could slip a tenner to the office peon to do a quick chore for you. In these desperate times of a demanding lifestyle and always-so-tight schedule, your only hope is a personal executive you can trust to run those errands for you. Enter GetMyPeon.com - a modern-day super-hero who’s here to save the day. Here’s why you really, really need them!

1. Because you pay a lot of money in late fees


Despite reminders, you are making your credit card, telephone and insurance companies richer by a few hundreds every month. If only you had a clone. Or 36 hours instead of 24 hours in a day to go and drop the cheque in the dropbox!

2. Because you want to do something special for your loved ones

Flowers at midnight on his birthday? Found a fab "townie" baker to do a delicious, customized naughty cake for your bestie's bachlerotte but can’t figure out how to get it picked up and delivered to the Bandra venue? Or simply want to gift your mum an errand-free week for her 60th? One quick call to GetMyPeon, and you’re all sorted!

3. Because you love your brownie points


That gift that you bought for your boyfriend's sister on your last trip to the US to earn brownie points is gathering dust in your cupboard. Neither of you have the time to meet, and so you wait until forever, hoping that someday it magically reaches her.

4. Because you love your mom 

She is coming to town on the same day that you have your big presentation, but she has no clue about the city. You can’t leave her (or your career) in the lurch. That’s when the guys at GetMyPeon come step in - arranging for her to be picked up from the train station and dropped safely home while you finish work and head to see mommy dearest. Such an AWWW moment!

5. Because serpentine government office queues can be boring. Very boring.


Good looks are not a prerequisite to be hired at government offices. Now imagine spending hours in the queue, with no eye candy in sight. What a dull life!

6. Because time is money when you live in Mumbai

Pick up the bank statements from Fort, drop them off at the accountant's in Saki Naka, then head to Versova for a meeting and be back in your Colaba office by 4 p.m. Erm, possible? Not!

7. Because the laundrywallah shuts at 8 p.m.

While you work till midnight, your local laundrywallah bhaiyya shuts shop at 8 p.m. sharp. And it looks like your three outfits lying with him for dry-cleaning will never make their back into your closet. Here's the thing: the guys at GetMyPeon wash your dirty linen too! Well, at least they get experts to do so for you. What's more, they deliver it back to your doorstep, smelling fresh and looking crisp and shiny!

8. Because you run a small business and need a bit of help

Awesome monthly deals for startups and small business mean you don’t need a runner or peon on the payroll! No more “my aunt died” once every quarter, or the standard “the trains are running late today” excuses to deal with any more. Whew!

9. Because the plumber the watchman sent the last time was kind of creepy


And he did a terrible job of repairing the tap, and also the sink is still leaking. So either you continue to live in guilt of wasting water or be scared to death as you invite him again.

10. Because you love to delegate

You’ve always had an entourage of servants and a set of parents doing your chores. Now that you are in the city on your own, you’d love to depute - just that when you look around you have no one to assign the tasks to. Sigh!

11. Because you can’t always be a superwoman

You spend a whole week at work, working extra hours to finish a project and your weekends are booked with social stuff. And "someday" is certainly not a day of the week to finish important tasks.

12. Because the HR chick keeps a tab on you


Each time you secretly run out of office to do errands, you bump into the HR lady at the reception. With appraisals coming up, it’s not a risk one would like to take, no?

13. Because you are plain lazy!

You can't be bothered to pick up your sister's wedding invitation cards from the printers', and spend the day in the car dropping off the mithai boxes, and deliver invites to the dozens of aunties who will ply you with sherbet and pinch your cheeks and ask you when your turn is. You'd much rather sit at home, watching TV and painting your toenails fuchsia pink. This is a sponsored post.Simply log on to GetMyPeon.com, or email them on task@getmypeon.com. Or give them a buzz on (+91) 98331 83385. With tasks costing only Rs 200, this is a no-brainer! And since we at POPxo use them too, we can assure you that they are super-cool!