handbag addict

You Know You Are A Handbag Addict When...

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

You don’t care whether your closet is exploding with your bags, because you can ALWAYS make room for one more handbag. (Actually, many!) “What diamonds are to most women, handbags are to me” - if you live by this mantra, you know you are definitely a handbag addict.

1. Without batting an eyelid, you can tell whether a bag is a designer piece or not.

2. You own more bags than books.

handbag addict

3. You splurge your entire month’s paycheck on handbags.

4. You have a different bag for every outfit and occasion. Actually, you have a different outfit designed around each of your bags.

handbag addict

5. When it comes to buying a bag, you’ve already created a mental checklist beforehand. Quality, material, colour and feel are some things you're pretty anal about.

6. You get cheesed off when someone manhandles your expensive leather bag. (Off with their heads!)

handbag addict

7. You judge a person based on the type of bag they own.

8. You keep browsing through your favourite websites to catch a glimpse of the latest bags in the market, and they have to be bookmarked.

9. Your friends talk about shoes, crushes, friends of other friends, and here you are, talking only about handbags.

10. You subscribe to newsletters from companies that other people mark as spam because they send you “news” about the latest in Michael Kors, Dior and Miu Miu.

11. Satchel, hobo, jhola, tote and bucket - you know the differences between all of them.

12. You call them: “My babies!”

13. The managers in your favourite stores call you especially to take a look at their new collection or during sales.

handbag addict

14. You call your bags “investments”.

15. Your bags have their very own cupboard assigned to them. Your ambition is to eventually designate - no, devote! - a full room to them.

16. You actually had to convince your parents, friends and partner to come to terms with your bag obsession. (Hey, at least you're not a serial killer!)

handbag addict

17. No matter how many bags you own, you will always make room for one more!

handbag addict

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Published on Nov 14, 2014
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