You Know Winter Is Coming When

You Know Winter Is Coming When...

Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

Guest Contributor

Much like the Starks, those of us who live in the North also sniff the air periodically to figure out if winter is on its way. However, no matter where you live, winter does arrive (unless you are near a coastline or the Equator), even if the temperature doesn't drop below 25 degrees. Here’s how you can tell if winter is in the air! :)

1. You suddenly feel a lot less like cold coffee and more like hot tea. It’s like clockwork; every year, there’s a day when you stop with the iced frappes and move on to a steamy Darjeeling.

You Know Winter Is Coming When

2. Your quilts begin to come out of storage. And then you hang them out in the sun to air, so they smell of sunshine and wind when you snuggle under them later.

You Know Winter Is Coming When

3. The shops begin to have winter clothes on their display. (Although, Bombay, what's with advertising trench coats while everyone is still in summer dresses and sandals?)

You Know Winter Is Coming When

4. You start thinking about and planning your big winter break. With December come Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and you don’t want to be the only one left in the city, do you?

You Know Winter Is Coming When

5. You need a wrap or a shawl if you’re travelling by auto rickshaw. And not just for "modesty" reasons.

You Know Winter Is Coming When

6. You enjoy smelling nice all the time. Not needing to carry around a deo or perfume to deal with the sweaty-stench is definitely a welcome relief.

You Know Winter Is Coming When

7. You struggle to breathe a little. (Ugh, Delhi is like a smog trap every winter!)

You Know Winter Is Coming When

8. You legitimately need all the cute socks you bought online because you couldn't resist them. Wear them all, now’s your chance!

9. Depending on your summer self, you’re either super lazy or super active. If you’re a summer bird, winter sees you hibernating, and if you've spent all of summer in a stupor, now’s when you’re pulling on your exercise pants and going for a run.

You Know Winter Is Coming When

10. Every day comes with a cute #OOTD on Instagram. The whole world has to see your #WinterWardrobe!

You Know Winter Is Coming When

11. Jackets are the order of the day! From linen to denim to corduroy. You wear a different one every day, and even pull out your arsenal of hats.

You Know Winter Is Coming When

12. Glorious seasonal veggies are in abundance. Yum carrots, yum mustard greens, yum radishes - fresh or pickled - bliss assured!

13. Parties. And weddings. Everywhere!


14. The grand tourist-influx begins. They unload by the hordes, not only in beach cities, but also in other parts of India, desperate for warmer climes - and sometimes, oddly enough, for a taste of the cold! Hello, and welcome. :)

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Published on Nov 25, 2014
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