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#SizzleAlert: Why We Love Scorpio Women

#SizzleAlert: Why We Love Scorpio Women

Mysterious, full of dark secrets and insanely sexy - that’s the Scorpio woman for you! She is intensely moody, but also someone who has a certain magnetic charm about her that pulls everybody towards her automatically. Here are a few reasons why we adore our Scorpio girlfriends!

1. She's Brutally Honest

Scorpio Women

She is totally blunt and incredibly impatient about faffy stuff. She likes to stick to the point and doesn’t indulge in random “idhar udhar ki baatien”. She has a super-strong personality, and is the most forceful and clear-headed of all the zodiac signs.

2. She's Very Open to New Ideas and Uncannily Perceptive

Scorpio Women

She is very open to understanding new spiritual, philosophical and intellectual ideas. Unlike most people, she is also very intuitive and can therefore read what’s on a person’s mind without them having to say anything. (It can be quite freaky!)

3. She's Extremely Focused and Determined

Scorpio Women

People might consider her strong personality, secretiveness and possessiveness as negatives, but a Scorpio woman works these characteristics to her advantage. Extremely focused and determined, she can go to any lengths to get what she wants. She never takes no for an answer, and what she has set her mind on she will achieve.

4. She's Enigmatic

Scorpio Women

A Scorpio woman in love is enigmatic, bewildering and very, very sexy. You can’t fool her, and she isn’t exactly submissive in a relationship either. ;) All at once loyal and flirtatious, passionate and protective - there really are few people who love as deeply as her.

5. She's Fierce

Scorpio Women

Betray her, and she will not take your blows lying down. Aggression and indifference being the catchwords here - she will either make you feel like you've been nuked or ignore you so much that you feel like you simply don't exist any more. (It's hard to decide which is worse! :P)

6. She's a Born Winner

Scorpio Women

She always wins an argument. And randomly drops out of discussions when she is bored. When you see her zone out of something, you should know to just quit - because if it were something worthwhile, she would have been fighting for it. She is so ambitious that she will commit completely to anything she wants. And this applies to everything - from political causes to a promotion in the office to the person she has decided is the ONE for her.

7. She's an Intuitive Dresser

Scorpio Women

She is very clear about her fashion sense and keeps things simple, sober and stylish. She likes to keep eye on trends, but she will only choose what suits her best. Able to switch between classic and hippie with ease, she is an intuitive dresser who does as she pleases. And whether she's dressed up to the nines or seems to have just rolled out of bed, you can be sure that she's making a statement with her look.

8. She's the Ultimate Bestie

Scorpio Women

Much like everything else about her, a Scorpion can be very complicated when it comes to friendship. She loves and hates with equal passion. Caring and protective, she is the ultimate bestie, but if you wrong her in any way, she will turn into your worst enemy! But give her your loyalty - and you will have found a friend who will stick with you through thick and thin and till the end of the world.

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Published on Nov 13, 2014
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