What Does Your Fave Lipstick Shade Say About You?

What Does Your Fave Lipstick Shade Say About You?

We’re sure every girl has that one shade of lipstick that she connects with the most. It’s her signature hue, the reflection of her personality and her most treasured cosmetic. What’s interesting here is, your fave lipstick can dig deeper into your personality. It describes you as a person. If you want to know what your fave lipstick shade says about you, scroll away!

1. Bright Red

lipstick bright red - point 1

You aren’t afraid to show off those plump red lips. A daredevil and a risk taker by heart. Wherever you go, you always like to make your presence felt. You’re always brewing with confidence and charisma (that’s what makes you irresistible!). You have refined tastes, and won’t settle for anything less. You’re very passionate about the people you love and won’t mind taking the bullet for any one of them either!

2. Fuchsia Pink

lipstick fushia pink - point 2

Women who go gaga over this shade have a strong feminine streak in them with a dash of sexiness. You’re the kind of girl who loves all things girly, cute and cuddly. You are a great conversationalist and people love you because of your sense of humour. You consider yourself a lover and not a fighter.

3. Baby Pink

lipstick shade

You like people to perceive you a delicate think, but you’re a lioness inside. You’re emotional, but rarely break down in front of anyone. You like living the glam lifestyle and partying hard. You have good taste in music, clothing and lifestyle. You rarely blow things out of proportion, but when you do lose your temper, you spare no one - absolutely no one! You think and act from your heart rather than using logic. Your intentions are so pure that people automatically gravitate towards you.

4. Deep Berry

lipstick deep berry - point 4

You are bold, level-headed, grounded and an emotionally strong diva. You don’t pay heed to people’s opinions about you, especially to the ones you don’t consider important. When you walk and talk, you command attention. You like planning for the rainy day, and enjoy the luxuries of life. When it comes to winning an argument, you aren’t afraid to voice your opinions, because you’re always right!

5. Naturally Nude

lipstick shade

If nude is your fave shade, then you’re a person who appreciates natural beauty and minimalism. You are gentle and humble at heart, comfortable in your own skin and don’t really bother about what the world says behind your back. When it comes to friends, you prefer quality over quantity. You’re sensitive to other peoples feelings, and try your best to solve all their problems.

6. Vibrant Orange

lipstick shade

If orange is your “thang”, you’re no regular girl. You’re super fun and cool to chill out with. You can never rest in one place because change is in your nature. You’re always up for trying new things and you instantly light up people's worlds! A rule breaker - and you’re extremely proud of being one. A creative thinker and a person who appreciates art. As a whole, you’re pretty awesome!

7.  Funky Purple

lipstick shade

Three words that strongly describe your personality - mystical, unique and powerful. An ambitious person by nature, you crave the finer things in life, and will work your a** off to get them. It takes a person with a lot of guts to push your buttons. And if they do succeed in annoying you, that’s the end of them. You have your values and virtues that you stand firm by. You practice what you preach, and you don’t let people walk over you.

8. Bold & Beautiful Brown

lipstick shade

You know what’s attractive about you? Your bold personality! When you walk, heads turn. You can pull off any trend, and you do it with such elegance and perfection! You like to bend the rules, keeping your convenience in mind. You're a complete mystery to the people you care little about, and a teddy bear to the ones you do.

9. Clear/Transparent Gloss

lipstick shade

You’re a practical girl who is down to earth and liked by almost everybody. Your heart is pure, and so are your intentions. You believe that inner beauty holds more credit than one’s external sex appeal. You look for happiness in the littlest of things, and get along with practically anyone.

10. Goth Black

lipstick shade

You have a powerful personality and a strong mind. You don’t give a hoot about what society thinks about you, and you don’t bend or change according to their terms either. You’re not a people person and prefer keeping to yourself. You have an inner urge to stand out from the crowd, but you don’t want to make your motive obvious. Because of your past experiences, you have trust issues and prefer keeping a distance from people.

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