10 Types of Men You Should NEVER “Swipe Right” on Tinder

10 Types of Men You Should NEVER “Swipe Right” on Tinder

We are all for meeting new people, and some of the people we’ve met on Tinder have been fun and interesting. But the majority are people we wish we’d “left-swiped” without a second thought! While India seems to have taken to dating apps like Tinder in a big, big way, not so much to dating-app etiquette. So to make your life a little bit simpler, and spare you the agony of what might become one more experience to add to the list of awful dates we’ve all been on, we give you 10 types of men on Tinder you should NEVER “swipe right”. And if you have, unmatch, unmatch, unmatch!

1. The one who thinks it’s okay to call you by a nickname in his first message. Dude, just because we matched, it does NOT mean we’re soul mates now. Over-familiarity is the price we pay for having swiped right without careful thought. :/

types of men on tinder - 1

2. The one who types lyk dis. Come on! You’re on a dating app, FFS. At least make an effort to communicate properly.

3. The one who messages you every 10 minutes asking why you aren’t replying, and if he should “bother trying to get a date out of you” (his words). Hi, we have jobs and lives, and if we haven’t replied, maybe it’s because we are busy. Also, you’re being a bit of a creep.

types of men on tinder - 7

4. The one who calls himself a dreamer or wanderer or any other pretentious pile of crap. And whose only visible facial feature is a goatee (obvs, because angst-ridden lost souls need goatees to be legit), because the rest of his face is obscured by clouds of cigarette smoke. In every picture.

types of men on tinder - 4

5. The one whose pictures are always of him bare-chested/ with girls licking his face/ both. Those don’t make you manly; they just make us shudder.

6. The one who stalks you on social media and finds your profiles and sends you messages saying he’s seen you on Tinder and you should accept his friend/follow/match requests.

types of men on tinder - 3

7. The one with his wedding photograph as his display picture. Dude, you might not even be married any longer, but with that pic staring us in the face we don’t even want to find out. And if you are still married, then WTF?

8. The one who’s in town for a night and invites you to visit him at his hotel to “hang out”. (Well, at least he’s direct.)

types of men on tinder - 6

9. The one whose display picture is a group photo. And so are all his other pictures. HOW are we supposed to know which one is you? And you know what the whole point of Tinder is, right? No one has the time or inclination to figure it out.

10. Anyone with a Tinder Tiger Selfie.

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