17 Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind When You Are On A Bad Date

17 Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind When You Are On A Bad Date

You don’t know why you’re still there, but what you do know is that you’re in the WRONG place.  Hours of anxiety and dressing up, and now you’re stuck with the worst date of your life. Basically, a complete waste of time and effort! Well, ladies, we’ve all been there, and we’ve all thoughts these things.

1. Ahh, why am I heeeere?

bad date point 1

2. Ugh, I wish I had stayed at home and watched the newest episode of GOT.

3. OMG, he looks NOTHING like his pictures. I’m sure they were all Photoshopped!

4. I’m NEVER using Tinder again.

bad date point 4

5. God, could he BE more cheesy?! Who says stuff like "Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material!" (My ears...my EARS!)

6. What is with his table manners? Why is he using his fingers to eat noodles when there’s a fork on the table? :/

Bad date point 6

7. Dear Bestie, please, please, please make that "emergency" call so that I can get the hell out of here!

8. I cannot take this any more. I’m escaping when he goes to the bathroom. Thank God he doesn’t have my number!

9. God, he sure does love himself. I haven’t heard anyone talk this much EVER. And they say women talk a lot!

Bad Date Point 9

10. What good are his Gucci belt and CK perfume when basic grammar and common sense are missing?

11. Am I being too harsh? Maybe I should give him a chance... OMG, now he’s just staring at my breasts instead of listening to a word I'm saying.

bad date - point 11

12. Wow. Now he's staring at the poor waitress's boobs. What an a**!

13. What is it about me that makes him think he has a shot with me?

14. Yup, BharatMatrimony, Shaadi.com, here I come!

15. Why do I always and only attract guys like these? Should I just give up on the whole dating business?

16. I should NOT have told my mom about this. She was so excited that I’m meeting a guy, how will I explain to her what a fail this evening has been?

17. If this doesn’t work out, am I destined to be forever alone?

bad date - point 16

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