9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Orgasms!

9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Orgasms!

Face it, ladies, they’re as much on our minds as they are on a man’s. And there’s nothing to be shy about - orgasms are amazing for your health, and super fun too. We tell you some fun things you didn’t know about the Big O - you never know, maybe these can help you have your best one yet! ;)


1. Aunty Flo Can Help Get You Off

Unlike men, for whom any time is a good time, for women there are certain times during their monthly cycle when they can climax more easily. It turns out that cramps aren’t the only thing your period brings with it. Thanks to the increased blood flow to your groin, THAT time of the month brings with it better and more intense orgasms.

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2. It’s A Natural Pain Reliever

The next time you have a pounding headache (or any other type of pain, really) grab your partner and get busy between the sheets. Orgasms release "feel-good" endorphins, as well as the hormone oxytocin, which is a chemical that induces peace and relaxation. They can help relieve pain temporarily.

3. Not All Orgasms Are Scream-Worthy

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be earth-shattering to be considered an orgasm. Not all orgasms are the same; some can be big, while some can be sweet and gentle. They all are pleasurable nonetheless.

4. You Can Orgasm While Working Out or Even While Giving Birth

There are major surges of ecstasy-inducing hormones like oxytocin and beta-endorphin during labour, so it might not be as dreadful as you fear it could be. Non-sexual orgasms can be caused thanks to increased blood flow to the groin along with vibrations or stimulation of the clitoris. Maybe that could be your motivation to hit the gym? ;)

5. The Louder You Are The Better

Stop worrying about disturbing your neighbours the next time you get down and dirty. Research shows that both partners are more likely to orgasm when the woman is screaming in ecstasy rather than having "quiet" sex.

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6. You’re More Likely To Hit The Big O If You’re Coupled Up

You’ve probably heard people say that sex is better when you’re in love, and we guess that holds true. Studies show that women climax more often during sex with a boyfriend/husband/long-term partner than during random hook-ups.

7. 20 Is A Lucky Number

It’s common knowledge that men can reach orgasm much easier than women. It takes about 20 minutes of sexual activity for a woman to experience that intense surge of pleasure. And on an average an orgasm is said to last about 20 seconds.

8. A Condom Doesn’t Affect Your Orgasm

A lot of people think wearing a condom influences the quality of their orgasm, but it really doesn’t. You can reach the Big O with or without a condom. It might take a little longer with a condom because latex isn't the most comfortable thing, but using one is a better idea since neither of you need to worry about him having to pull out before it’s too late.

9. It Only Gets Better With Age

Here’s one thing that will totally help you look forward to getting older: women in their 40s and 50s experience orgasms more regularly than younger women. Forget about anti-ageing creams - an orgasm a day can definitely help keep those wrinkles at bay!

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