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#FashionHacks: 10 Things to Get Tailored Instead of Buying!

#FashionHacks: 10 Things to Get Tailored Instead of Buying!

Sure, simply waltzing into the store and picking up the ensemble you want is perhaps far more hassle-free than spending tedious hours explaining what you want to the neighbourhood darzi. But think about it: is the former really the wisest way to go? We’ve all been there - buying a blazer or salwar or blouse in a not-so-perfect size because it was too pretty to leave, and then spending unwarranted time getting it nipped and tucked so that it falls right. Which is why we staunchly believe that it is always more advisable to tailor certain things instead of buying. Follow our suit; your wardrobe will thank us for it!

1. Blazers


For a blazer to really elevate your formal look and give your frame the desired structure, it needs to fit like a glove. And a Zara "M" fit may not always be able to give you that. We advise: go bespoke! Your outlook towards formal wear will never be the same again!

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2. Blouses

FI - tailored

We get that you love that designer blouse and it will, no doubt, be a coveted addition to your wardrobe. But will it fit right? Or will you be begging mommy dearest to fix it a night before you need to wear it? Blouses, be it for your lehenga or sari, with loose seams and bust issues are a real downer. We suggest buying the material or procuring half-stitched ones and finding a tailor specialising in blouses to make one to your exact measurements. Padded ones are our pick!

3. Churidaars

Things to Get Tailored Instead of Buying

If you’re someone who prefers the old-school churidaar to leggings, then our suggestion is to get them stitched. Buying ready-made ones, more often than not leads to a tug of war when trying to slip it on. It is very likey that you will damage it in the process! Tailoring is the way to go to ensure maximum comfort and ease.

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4. Palazzo Pants

Things to Get Tailored Instead of Buying

If you are petite, you can probably never wear off-the-rack palazzos without 5-inch heels. If you are a tall girl, ready-to-wear palazzos turn out to be like cropped pants. Our solution (no points for guessing) is to get them tailored! There are so many beautiful prints and colours available at the cloth market. Give your tailor the material with a sample piece or a picture and he will be able to easily create a replica!

5. Anarkalis

Things to Get Tailored Instead of Buying

Buying anarkalis from stores or designers can be quite heavy on the pocket. Especially when you can get similar styles tailored at half the price. Sure, it does require a tad more hard work than just swiping your card at the cash counter, but the effort is always well worth it. With the plethora of fabrics, embellishments and borders easily available in the market, you can easily create a 10/10 look with a little help from your tailor!

6. Shirts

Things to Get Tailored Instead of Buying

We all know the problems faced after buying shirts and basic tops from stores. The sleeves are either too tight or too loose; the hem is not the right length and the buttons are not the best. So why not wash your hands off these distresses and get your tailor to sort out the issue for you? Getting basic shirts and blouses tailored will be a breeze. You can save a trip to the mall for more structured variations.

7. Draped and Tapered Pants

Things to Get Tailored Instead of Buying

We agree that jeans have to be purchased off-the-rack. But the rule doesn’t hold true for tapered, draped or dhoti pants. The key to such experimental pants enhancing your look is their fit. Which is why buying fabric in the colour of your choice and have your tailor make it to your measurements is a wiser way to go.

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8. Work-wear Kurtis

Things to Get Tailored Instead of Buying

Is your work wardrobe dominated by kurtis? Then this one’s for you. We all hate repeating our outfits ever so often but buying a kurti for every working day of the year can be quite a strain on the wallet. Having them tailored is the more economical and smarter option. Buy a few that will serve as ideal samples and then make a quick dash to the cloth store followed by a visit to the tailor!

9. Petticoats or Underskirts

Things to Get Tailored Instead of Buying

We’re always stressing on the importance of inner wear - be it petticoats for saris or underskirts for certain dresses. These are imperative for the said outfit to fall well. Hence made-to-measure should be your go-to in this case.

10. Pant-Suits/Skirt-Suits

Things to Get Tailored Instead of Buying

Like to keep your office repertoire chic but have a sartorial budget to work with? Fret not. One well-fitted pant-suit or skirt-suit purchased from your favourite store is enough for your tailor to imitate and create several similar ones. Be sure to buy the right fabric for the best fall of the garment. And rest assured, you will continue being the most stylish lady at your workplace!

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