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12 Stereotypes about Women That Need to Be Broken NOW!

12 Stereotypes about Women That Need to Be Broken NOW!

People say that women nag a lot. Or a girl who dates more than one boy is a "slut". Stereotypes, folks, are all around us. All through the world, there are a very large number of stereotypes associated with women in an attempt to define their behaviour, actions, ideas and personality. And most of these generalizations are quite, quite demeaning. This is our list of the most common stereotypes about women that need to be broken NOW. Because, in the end, every person - every woman - is unique. :)

1. All Women Love to Gossip

Stereotypes About Women

We talk at length. But if that’s called "gossip", then men tend to gossip more than we do. What else would you call those sessions when guys sit together and discuss people and women and office politics? And, by the way, most of us women do know when to be a quiet listener.

2. Women Always Take Too Long to Get Ready

Stereotypes About Women

Really? Always? Look around you, and you’ll see how most of the times women are waiting for men who are either "busy" or taking their time showing up because they expect the lady to be late. Also, seriously, given that most of us have jobs and responsibilities, how do you think we manage if we are forever spending our time getting "ready"? And when we DO take too long, you can bet it’s worth the wait. ;)

3. Two Women Can Never Be Great Friends

Stereotypes About Women

A lot of people believe that friendships between women are fraught with envy, self-interest and deception. Do we need to explain that friendship is rooted in love? We get along with our girlfriends just fine.

4. Women Are Bad Drivers

Stereotypes About Women

You know how people exclaim every time there’s someone who can’t reverse properly or is driving too slowly and not letting you overtake the car: "That must be a woman"? Next time someone says that to you, make them stop and go check if it really is a woman driving. We can bet you that at least 5 times out of 10 it won't be. (We suppose we should be grateful that we're at least not accused of suffering from road rage all the time.)

5. If a Woman Is Successful In Her Career, She Must Be Neglecting Her Family or Putting Off Marriage

Stereotypes About Women

Listen up. Professional success never means personal failure. Women are multitaskers, and no matter how career-oriented we may be we know how to work things out and make time for our families and loved ones. (And those of us who aren't rushing to the altar yet, it's mostly because we either don't want to or aren't willing to compromise on our standards.)

6. Women Are Emotional and Weak-Hearted

Stereotypes About Women

Women are emotional, sure. But they know how to make emotion their strength and not their weakness. We value relationships and people more than money and material objects. We care about things - which is what guarantees men a good portion of the affection and TLC they take for granted.

7. Women Have an Unreasonable Urge to Shop

Stereotypes About Women

Shopping is a stress-buster for many women. And a lot of us happily claim the label of "shopaholic". But guess what? Our money, our choice. As long as we're not putting your financial health in jeopardy, who are you to judge us? Besides, it’s not a hobby defined by gender - look around, people, guys shop a lot too! And a pair of sexy heels costs waaaay less than a sports car.

8. Women Always Manipulate Men

Stereotypes About Women

We SO wish this one stereotype was true! Because if it were, we would be ruling the world right now and still not battling for equality in our daily lives. And if you’d still like to call call all of us manipulative, don’t you think you should also declare "All guys are naïve and gullible"?

9. If a Woman Hits on a Man, She Is the "BAD" Type

Stereotypes About Women

We guess the world needs a reality check. Because this is how the story pans out: A woman hits on a man - she’s a "slut". A woman does not hit on a man she likes - she's playing hard to get. A man hits on a woman - he's a "man's man". A man does not hit on a woman he likes - he's being respectful. Double standards, anyone? 

10. Women Can’t Keep Secrets

Stereotypes About Women

The irony is that another stereotype declares that "Women are so complicated that it's not possible for men to understand them". Don't you think we'd be much easier to understand if we just went around blurting out our secrets to all and sundry?

11. The Most Important Thing a Girl Looks for in a Man Is His Financial Status

Stereotypes About Women

Every woman would have married "rich" if this were true. Sensibility and compatibility are way more important for us than money. (How do you like it all women went around saying that "A girl's looks is what a man cares about the most"?)

12. Women Are Beautiful

Stereotypes About Women

Yes, we are! :P

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Published on Nov 13, 2014
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