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South of India - It's NOT a Single State!

Latha Sunadh

Guest Contributor, POPxo

South Indians have it tough. On a good day, you just have to explain (or defend!) your accent. Some days, your love for crazy dance moves and colourful lungis. Most days, your affinity to 24K pure gold and commonplace combos like idli-sambar, item numbers - thunder thighs and moustaches and 50+ heros. But it gets really tough when you have to explain to a North Indian that you’re not JUST “Madrasi”. Yes, that's right! Because South Indians - much as we are united on certain topics like Rajinikanth and rice - are very different from one another.

There are 5 states in the South of India: Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra + Telangana and Karnataka - and every South Indian who resides in them is unique! We each have our own destinies, our own pride and our own awesomeness. And this video by Enna Da Rascalas ( that sounds so Spanish!) and Culture Machine says it like it is: we are not just Madrasis, we are many things to many people. The Rascalas pay tribute to the South of India channeling Billy Joel's Chartbuster "We Didn't Start the Fire" and it’s HILARIOUS. And there’s a lesson in there too. Learn it, please. :)


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Published on Nov 05, 2014
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