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8 Reasons Why We Love Sagittarius Women!

8 Reasons Why We Love Sagittarius Women!

If you’ve fallen hard for a woman who’s insanely intelligent, always on the move and is extremely fun to hang out with, she’s probably a Sagi! And who can blame you? She’s pretty awesome! But before you venture out to woo your lady love, there are a few things you need to know about her. We decided to help out a little by providing you with 8 reasons to love all the sassy Sagittarius women we know!  

1. She Has a Great Sense of Humour


Humour is in her blood. She’s either the one cracking the joke or being the butt of it. (To be able to sportily take a joke about yourself is a rare quality. As long as it makes others smile, she is good.) Be it the lamest joke in the book, or the naughtiest one, she knows them all! You’ll notice that whenever you’re with her, there’s never a moment which will seem too drab.

2. She’s Always Brewing with Positivity


The best part of being with a Sagi woman is that she wears her heart on her sleeve. She never ponders on negativity, and only focuses on positive thoughts. (That’s her secret to success.) She hates energy vampires and will try her best to move away from them. (God forbid if you’re one of them!)

3. Honesty Is Part of Her Nature


Never ask her for an honest opinion if you don’t have the heart to digest it. When she’s honest, she really means it. It sounds brutal, but hey, doesn’t truth always hurt? But you can always rely on her to make all the right decisions. She will never say anything out of bad will, because intentionally hurting someone is not her cup of tea.

4. She’s Miss Independent


Avast, our Sagi girl is fiercely independent! Don’t expect her to mope and cry over a breakup. Instead, you might find her backpacking across the globe in search of a new adventure. So if you have any misplaced ideas of ruining her for everyone by leaving her, you would be sorely mistaken. She’s one of the toughest character types in the zodiac chart - pretty badass, in a nutshell!

5. She’s Uber Fun to Chill With


We don’t know whether it’s got to do with her vibe, charisma, or just her persona, she always manages to pull people close to her. She’s the life of the party, and the cool kid on the block whom everyone wants to hang out with. She is the star player of every social circle she belongs to.

6. She’s an Excellent Judge of CharacterSagittarius

Before you can say Jack Robinson, she will have pretty much figured you out. Don’t be misled by her easygoing avatar, she’s actually quite sharp and alert. It’s very difficult to take this woman for a ride because you’ll never succeed. She will  always steal a march.

7. She Will Take the Bullet for You


Friendship for her is like a sacred bond. She has a very select group of friends, but If you’re one of them, be assured that she will be with you through thick and thin. She’ll give you shelter from the storm, and also battle it for you.

8. She Is the Epitome of Elegance


Bags, shoes, outfits - she has fabulous taste in them all. She’s comfortable in her own skin and her lifestyle choices just accentuate her personality. She’s knows her worth, and she’s proud of it. You go, girl!

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