How to choose best lipstick shades for Indian skin

How to choose best lipstick shades for Indian skin

#RealGirlBeauty: How To Find The Perfect Lipstick Shade That Best Suit Indian Skin

You love that pop of pink on your friend but for some reason it doesn’t look as amazing on your own pout? Why? Well because there’s a shade out there that is much better suited for you. We totally get how confusing it can be, going to a make-up counter to try on various hues but all those lipstick shades on your arm can leave you pretty dizzy. Not anymore! We give you a few pointers on how to find the perfect choice among numerous seemingly best lipstick shades for you. Follow these tips for a head turning pucker that compliments you best.

How To Find The Perfect Lipstick Shade

Choosing The Best lipstick Shades By Ruling Out Confusion When You’re At The Store

It's natural to go to a store, and be completely consumed by a myriad of lipstick shades. In order to choose the best lipstick shades, take a minute or two and just walk around, picking up what you like to indulge the makeup junkie in you. Once you have that out of your system, try to remember this- just like foundations, choose the shade that comes closest to the colour of your pout. That will help you choose appropriate lipstick shades for Indian skin. If you want to play safe, choose shades in pink and brown that are 1-2 shades darker than the natural colour of your lips. If you want to take a step out of your comfort zone and are feeling a bit bold go upto 5-6 shades darker than the original colour of your lips. And we promise, you'll like what you see.


Try It On Your Lips Not Your Wrist

A lot of us just try a couple of lipstick shades on our wrist, which is not really a foolproof plan. We think it’s smarter to use a disposable applicator and try a bit of color from the tester tube that caught your eye. Use it just on the lower lip: this way, you will know how much deeper it is from your natural lip colour and won’t be in for any surprises once you try it on at home. Keep a cotton bud handy and wipe it off immediately once the job is done.

How To Find The Perfect Lipstick Shade

The Size Of Your Pucker Matters

The shape of your lips makes a difference to how good a certain shade looks on you. Dark lipstick shades can make your lips look smaller, so if you have thin lips, it’s best to avoid such shades. Whereas, bright hues can help your pout appear bigger and thicker, so keep this in mind when choosing a lippie to flatter you best.

Your Skin Tone Plays A Huge Role

Thanks to better aesthetics and technology, the pigments in lipstick shades are richer and actually reflect light better, so it’s essential to pick a shade that will compliment your skin tone best. Girls with light skin can carry off most colours especially those tubes with bluish undertones, like rose pink as well as light corals. Wheatish or olive skintones can carry most shades of brown, including beige without looking washed out and can rock a fuschia and an orange or a tangerine like no other. Those blessed with dark skin can carry off really rich pigments so feel free to go all out with wines, cherry colours, plum shades and those gorgeous deep berry hues we see the gorgeous Deepika Padukone sporting all the time. Oh, and the lighter your hair colour, the brighter your lips look.

There is an overwhelming variety of lipstick shades for Indian skin. You just have to know your taste well and be patient to match it against your skin and lip tone.

How To Find The Perfect Lipstick Shade

Some Universal Colours

There are some lipstick shades that can never really go 'wrong' with and will always come to your rescue in moments of uncertainty. For instance, a transparent gloss in pale pink, a matté lipstick in light brown or even a lip stain in muted peach are just some of those things you can pick, without overthinking it and are handy to have around in your make-up pouch. Pretty nudes are also universally flattering.


Look At Your Teeth

You don’t want to look at pictures of you from a big night out only to see your teeth looking embarrassingly yellow against your gorgeous pout, that can really ruin a great look. It’s important to consider your teeth, if they do have a slight yellow cast then dark red, orange, coral and tangerine lips will only accentuate it. Instead, look for shades with bluish undertones to brighten up your teeth like blue-reds, plums and pinks.

How To Find The Perfect Lipstick Shade

It's All About The Texture

Earlier, there were broadly 2 types of lipstick shades- matte finish that doesn't bleed out but is dry to use and glossy, which could mean a more illuminated finish with a bit of shimmer. Now, there's a lot more to choose from like créme-based formulas that keep your lips hydrated for hours, or soft matté that has a creamier, moisturizing formula with a matte finish. In fact, the onset of winter is perfect for glosses (since there is little humidity now), matte and really creamy formulas too. So feel free to mix it up in colours as well as textures. Just keep in mind that a super glossy pout can help your lips appear fuller and plumper.


Your Tools Play A Part

If you use a lip brush to swipe on your colour, you may want to know that the colour is much more intense when you apply directly from the tube. This allows for more rich pigments to wind up on your lips, which helps your strong colour last much longer and appear much deeper.


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