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"Hope I Don't Trip!" - 9 Sari Problems Every Girl Faces

"Hope I Don't Trip!" - 9 Sari Problems Every Girl Faces

You have grown up seeing your grandmother and mother gracefully drape the sari and carry it off with ethereal elegance. If only the same could be said of you! Those 6 yards of wonder have been voted the most fashionable garment of all time, and you have decided to wear it for your cousin’s reception or your best friend’s sangeet - but that doesn’t mean the thought of pulling it off doesn’t fill you with dread! We tell you some problems every girl faces while wearing a sari. No one would guess the struggle you go through while looking like a million bucks!

1. Draping It Is Tougher Than Learning Skiing In A Day

You’ve bought that stunning designer knock-off and envisioned looking nothing short of Priyanka Chopra in "Desi Girl", but when it comes to getting ready, you find yourself so overwhelmed by all that fabric! How high/low should you drape it? How do people make those pleats look so easy? How many safety pins do you need and what if they cause a rip? Finally, you ask your mom, friend, next-door aunty or a Youtube tutorial to help get you dressed. What would you do without their expertise?!

Problems Every Girl Faces While Wearing A Sari

2. How To Accessorize Can Be A Tough Exercise

Once it’s draped you have to find the perfect jewellery, shoes and bag to go with your sexy yet demure style. You can’t wear flats as the sari is so long, but you can’t wear heels that are too high unless you want to give up walking all together. As for your purse, it can’t be too big - a cute clutch that is small but large enough to carry all your essentials (and a few extra safety pins just in case). But you can’t hold it as one hand is constantly holding up your outfit, so you hunt around for the perfect one to sling over your shoulder. Phew, you’re exhausted before even getting out the door!

Problems Every Girl Faces While Wearing A Sari

3. On To The Next Task – Walking!

You’re finally ready and in your killer heels so that the hem doesn’t sweep the floor. You know you look gorgeous and it’s doing wonders for your self-confidence, but if only you could concentrate on anything other than getting one foot in front of the other. A heavy sari can really weigh you down and make you walk at a snail’s pace. Plus, there’s always that fear of the entire thing coming undone with every step you take. You have new-found respect for all those Bollywood actresses who dance around in these ensembles in the snow and in the rain.

Problems Every Girl Faces While Wearing A Sari

4. Your Confidence Relies On A Few Safety Pins

No matter how amazing you feel and how stunning you know you look, there is always that constant fear of stepping on some fabric and pulling apart those pleats and the whole thing unravelling at the slightest of movements. The fact that a few safety pins have the power to stop a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen can be a pretty daunting thought, it's running through your mind the entire evening, you're a bit worried about zoning out of conversations about anything else...

Problems Every Girl Faces While Wearing A Sari

5. The Perpetual Tummy Suck-In

You gotta admit, nothing makes you feel sexier than wearing a sari. With your back on display and your curves being flaunted to the world, it puts a certain pressure on you for your body to look oh-so-perfect. In other words, you spend the entire evening holding your breath and sucking in your tummy to fake flatter abs. It’s a Herculean task to chat, eat, drink, dance, walk while holding in your stomach. And, frankly, it is quite exhausting. But we all do it. It’s worth it for an itty-bitty waist - right, ladies?

Problems Every Girl Faces While Wearing A Sari

6. You’re At War With Your Bladder

Donning a sari can make even the klutziest girl exude a certain degree of grace - till you hit that bathroom stalls, that is! All that put-togetherness goes out of the window when a girl tries to pee while engulfed in 6 yards of fabric. Hiking it up till your waist while praying to God that it doesn’t come undone or disturb the force of any of the safety pins has got to be one of the toughest aspects of wearing this desi sartorial wonder. Of course, you don’t want to experience that more than once, so you stay parched and use all your will to control your bladder till you’re safely back home.

Problems Every Girl Faces While Wearing A Sari

7. That Pesky Pallu

The most annoying part about wearing a sari is the pallu that just refuses to stay atop your shoulder! You barely move your arm in the hope that it won’t keep sliding off and exposing some X-rated cleavage or embarrassing stretch marks. With your little blouse, you really had nowhere to pin it. But what if it catches fire from a candle or blows off in the wind like a scene straight out of a Hindi film? (And you know that your hair won’t be blowing all seductively and there won’t be any dashing guy called Rahul falling in love with you in that moment.)

Problems Every Girl Faces While Wearing A Sari

8. You Feel Restricted From Doing Anything

You learn to appreciate your trousers and jeans so much more once you spend a few hours in a pretty sari! You can’t walk fast, let alone run; you can barely show off your dance moves; and you’re kind of handicapped by one hand having to always be busy holding up your pleats or keeping your pallu in place. All in all, it’s a pretty demanding experience that really does take lots of practice. But all those appreciative glances and knowing that you look incredibly hot makes it all totally worth it!

Problems Every Girl Faces While Wearing A Sari

9. Getting It Off Is A Whole New Story

You’re finally home and can’t wait to get it all off, but that’s a task in itself. After being wrapped in yards of fabric like a mummy, naturally taking it off requires time and effort too. You have to locate all those hidden safety pins and carefully remove them at the risk of tearing the delicate fabric. If you’ve had a few drinks, then good luck with that! But finally you’re free and no longer have to worry about it flashing it all in public. You got through the evening without tripping and managed to look like a super-stunning desi belle. YAYYY!

Problems Every Girl Faces While Wearing A Sari

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Published on Nov 26, 2014
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