Outdated Makeup Rules You Should Totally Ignore! | POPxo
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Outdated Makeup Rules You Should Totally Ignore!

Outdated Makeup Rules You Should Totally Ignore!

Makeup is pretty much like fashion, it changes every season. You need to always keep yourself updated with the latest trends (don’t you think all newspapers should carry a makeup news section? No? Err...okay!). At least, I think they should. During the past few years a lot of rules have changed in the game and we hardly noticed. Hopefully this post will wake you up and show makeup in the new light that it's basking in. 

1. Matching your fingernails with your toenails

Blue nails For a long time, women tried to match their perfectly-manicured gel nails with equally well-groomed toenails in the SAME hue, and it's so very 90s! With so many colour options available today, nobody has got time to stick to just ONE shade for the entire week. I would rather paint my fingernails lavender (Maybelline Colorshow Blackcurrant Pop is my new favourite) and my toenails a deep ink blue shade. Mix and match, right? Or better, colour-block.

2. Cool skin...warm skin...what?

lipstick bright red - point 1 In my early blogging years we had this warm for warm and cool for cool thing going on among beauty blogs. It meant that if you have warm-toned skin then you should stick to a warmer colour palette like green, brown, apricot, red etc and if you have cool-toned skin then pink, blue, grey, purple, etc. BUT once I tried a cool-toned pink lipstick and it was super awesome and I never went back to the warm-neutral-colour theory. I ventured into reds and found cool-toned red lipsticks that instantly brightened up my look. So, yep, ditch the rule and experiment with colours.

3. White eyeliner pops your eyes

Beauty Portrait. Beautiful Spa Woman Touching her Face. Perfect Fresh Skin closeup. Over Pink Blurre
Well, it is true that white kohl on your waterline can instantly open up your eyes and make them look bigger, but do you know something? White is just too stark for our Indian skin. For us, nude eyeliners like MAC Chromagraphic Pencil is the best bet. It blends with our skin while still maintaining the fresh look.

4. Concealer should always be a shade lighter than your skin

Woman Applying Concealer No and never. Lighter shades tend to highlight the area rather than conceal it. If you have any blemishes to conceal and you are using a lighter concealer then that’s a recipe for disaster. Stick to your actual shade while picking up a spot concealer for face. For eyes you can always go for brightening concealers, but don’t jump a lot of shades.

5. Eyebrow pencils for your brows = MUST-HAVE!

Closeup Beautiful Woman With Eyebrow Brush Tool I cant help but feel sorry for you if you are still stuck with this one! Pencils can look stark and made up unless you have perfected the art of keeping it subtle. Powders look more natural and are much harder to go wrong with. Just use any dark brown matte eyeshadow with an angled brush in short strokes and you are good to go. And yes, avoid using black eyeshadow!
If you are guilty of any of the above, then get ready to change the rules.  Picture courtesy: bigstockphotos.com MUST-READ: Makeup Dos and Don'ts For The Gym Rat! MUST-READ: Anshita Juneja of Vanity No Apologies Joins The POPxo Blog Network
Published on Nov 21, 2014
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