#Netiquette: 17 Email Mistakes That Make You Look Foolish at Work

#Netiquette: 17 Email Mistakes That Make You Look Foolish at Work

Your emails reflect who you are, especially on the professional front. And you absolutely do not want to be the jerk who is known for terrible netiquette. So steer clear of these top email mistakes that make you look foolish. And if you find yourself going “Oh, I do that too, it’s not too bad”, trust us, it’s time to make some changes!

1. Forgetting the basics

Remember basic salutations and sign offs they taught us in school? Time to use them in your communication. You'll look lazy if you don't.

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2. No subject. Or a really vague one

Don't get ambiguous or leave the reader suspicious of the content of your email. Be relevant; a vague subject line will make you look just that - vague!

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3. Bad language and grammar

 E-mail has no body language; the reader cannot see your face or hear your tone of voice - choose your words wisely. And incorrect grammar…it makes people judge you. Need we say more?

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4. Using too many abbreviations and shortcuts

FYI, the AP dept has rej ur prop 4 a new h/w kit. Cont. ur mgr 4 fresh app. This is not a text message. It’s simply not done. You will not run out of space if you type a few more letters. Neither will your fingers be afflicted by arthritis.


Okay, now we are shouting at the people we are writing to! Why?!

6. Writing a novel

We'll read your book when you publish it. As of now, no one has the time to read your lengthy, micro-details-filled paragraphs. Keep it brief, please.

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7. Multiple John Hancocks

Since your saved signature accompanies every email you send, don't keep signing off over and over again. We know it's you, and we know you have Best Regards for the receiver of your email!

8. Following up 30 seconds later

So everyone has a smartphone. But that doesn't mean they are on it throughout, waiting for your e-mail to appear on the screen. It's annoying when you ask people “Did you get my email?” 5 minutes after you’ve sent it! If it was THAT important, you should have just called.

9. Hitting the send button too soon

Your half-written emails or email in two parts can be annoying to read. Finish writing, then key in the recipient's address.

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10. Sending it to the wrong person

Funny as it may sound, sending an application for a new job to your boss or a loan application with salary details to your colleague is a VERY embarrassing (and inappropriate!) thing to do. Check the “Send to” name twice.

11. Abusive language

Keep it to yourself. No one wants to be exposed to uncouth behaviour, even in writing. If you are very, very, very angry...take a stick and go beat that person instead.

12. Missing attachments

Please find attached...nothing. Oops!

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13. Email stationery

We understand your penchant for sea green and fancy fonts and the whole  wave of colours and smileys. But, sorry, don't use it today...or tomorrow...or ever...puhleeez!

14. ‘Reply to All’ always

Responding to everyone marked on the email, especially to those who have no idea who the hell you are and what the heck is all this about, is stupid. Choose your recipients wisely!

15. Sending emails to a personal address

It's a good thing you have your boss's personal ID, but it doesn't mean you spam it with office emails. In case you’ve forgotten, there’s an office ID for that.

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16. Not reading the mail trail

There is a reason the whole history is shared with you. Don't just reply to what was last said. Understand before you respond.

17. Sending forwards on a work address

There is a personal address for that. You don't want your colleagues to think that's all you do - send jokes and forwards. FYI, HR is watching!

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Also, close this page and get back to work, your boss is standing right behind you!

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