#JiyoParsi: What a Young Parsi Woman Has to Say about the Ads

#JiyoParsi: What a Young Parsi Woman Has to Say about the Ads
Jiyo Parsi is a joint venture between the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India, and the Parzor Foundation, the Bombay Parsi Punchayet and TISS, aimed at reviving the dwindling Parsi population in India. With only 40,000 Parsis believed to be left in Mumbai, the Jiyo Parsi scheme provides  support and aid to married Parsi couples for having children. As part of a massive pro-reproduction campaign, Jiyo Parsi unveiled a series of print ads on 10 November... and immediately ran into controversy.  As debate rages over the campaign helmed by Madison World - with one half in favour of the ads and one half against - we asked one of our Parsi readers to chip in with her thoughts. Here's what she had to say! 

Now, don't get me wrong. As a young Parsi woman living in India, I am all for the Jiyo Parsi scheme in principle. My community made me who I am, and I want it to prosper, to grow. I want to know that 50 years from now I will be surrounded by people who understand me and the faith and beliefs with which I was brought up. But am I for the new Jiyo Parsi print campaign? Not so much. It's NOT funny - because it makes light of issues that I, as a woman, as a young Indian, struggle with every day - issues that go beyond my community and plague my country. Here's what I think about some of the #JiyoParsi ads.

1. Will your boyfriend be as rich as Ratan Tata? Who are you to judge, Nicole Kidman?

Good to know I should care more about my man's bank balance than anything else.

Jiyo Parsi 2

2. Panni ja isn't a spell from Harry Potter. It means please get married.

You know what else isn't a spell from Harry Potter? "Stand on your own two feet and make something of yourself!"

Jiyo Parsi 8

3. Isn't it time you broke up with your mom?

... Because a man who doesn't take care of his parents is so sexy?

Jiyo Parsi 1

4. Have a child quickly after marriage. Because a child needs parents, not parents who act like grandparents.

OMG! No wonder I've grown up so weird! My grandparents ruined me!

Jiyo Parsi 3

5. If you don't get married and have kids, this area will have a new name in your lifetime.

Way to go, Communalism 101!

Jiyo Parsi 5

6. The milk is in grave danger of running out of sugar.

Damn. The world is going to be a bitter, bitter place if I don't start popping out those babies right NOW. So much responsibility.

Jiyo Parsi 6

7. Be responsible. Don't use a condom tonight.

Because STDs are a myth, obviously.

Jiyo Parsi 7

8. Who will be snooty about being superior, if you don't have kids?

Oh NO. No more looking down on people? The HORROR.

Jiyo Parsi 4

Images: Parsi Khabar

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