#IdealMan: Traits in a Man That Make Us Go Weak in the Knees!

#IdealMan: Traits in a Man That Make Us Go Weak in the Knees!
This story was updated n February 2019.

Looks are not the only thing that women like in men - there are certain other characteristics that us ladies absolutely dig!

An intoxicating concoction of style and chutzpah is what makes a man a modern-day Mr Darcy every girl wants to be around. And that's the kind of man our friends over at Get Vee, the hippest new dating app in town, promise to help you match up with!

Qualities Of A Gentleman That A Woman Desires

Every women desires a potent mix of both physical attributes and emotional touch in the man of her dreams. Here, we give you 15 important qualities in a man that make us go weak in the knees - and Vee helps you find that #IdealMan. ;)

1. The Well-Groomed Gentleman

Sloppy dressing, scruffy hair, unkempt nails, smelly socks, stained jeans – all of these are total no-nos for us. We like men who are well-turned-out, and who make the effort to leave a yummy impression!

traits of a man 1

2. The Style Guru Dude

We like men with flair and style! Now, we don’t expect him to wear an Armani suit to work every day (although that would totally do too); but it’s important for our man to have a refined look that’s oh-so-drool-worthy!

traits of a man 2

3. The Humorous Bloke

A total must. We just can’t do without it! Doesn’t mean he has to keep cracking silly jokes and expecting us to go LOL at them every time. But we hope he can put a smile back on our face when the going gets tough. :)

traits of a man 3

4. The Man Who Cares

We like to be reminded (yes, constantly!) that we are cared for. So we fancy men who don’t hesitate to hold our hand while crossing the street or to give us an occasional hug and a peck on the cheek.

traits of a man 4

5. The One with a Killer Smile

Just one curve to have us charmed for the rest of the day! Trust us when we say that a genuine, warm smile can make us feel that if we were to die that moment we would go straight to heaven. Not that we’d want to die die, of course!

traits of a man 5

6. The Calm Balm Guy

We are a harrowed species, so it does help if you can be the calming factor in our lives rather than adding to the chaos. We adore guys with that Matt Damon type cool and composed look and attitude – sheer lust!

traits of a man 6

7. The Strong Man

No, we don’t mean six, eight or ten packs (even though that would be just fiiine by us!), but someone with a strong demeanour, a high drool quotient and can give you an instant eyegasm,  a la Ryan Gosling. Sigh!

traits of a man 7

8. The Leader

We like men who take charge every now and then. Very Christian Grey! He shouldn’t always be asking us about where to dine or to make plans for the weekend. Take us on a boat ride or a gourmet cheese tasting do... Mmm, we like it when you don’t ask and just do it!

traits of a man 8

9. The Ambitious Go-Getter

That man who knows his plans - oh, we totally fancy him! We pine for men who are full of confidence, dreams and passion. Not the kind who goes on talking about it, but the kind who actually sets the ball rolling on things. A streak of competitiveness is just what Ms Doctor ordered!

traits of a man 9

10. A Passionate Guy

A man with a passion is so hotttt! Because he has something he lives for. It could be anything - from music to a social cause - something he cares about with an intensity that’s addictive!

traits of a man 10

­11. The Confident Alpha Male

Not arrogance, not obliviousness, not selfishness. Just plain confidence. The man who knows his worth even in the face of people who demean him. He grits his teeth and pushes through it. It’s magnetic!

traits of a man 11

12. The Well-Mannered Man

A man who understands women, treats them as equals and – most importantly – respects them…such a charmer! And we crave him more when he holds the door open or pulls out the chair for us. Who says chivalry is dead?!

traits of a man 12

13. The Intellectually Curious Fellow

We fantasize about men who constantly kindle their intellect, indulge in learning something new and seek new experiences. Someone who knows where to get the best lilies and the freshest rye bread in town has an added advantage!

traits of a man 13

14. Emotionally Secure


A man who respects your space, who’s happy within himself, who doesn’t needs constant attention, who doesn’t get mad when you go out with your friends is what a woman deserves.You wouldn’t want a partner who’s clingy and weighs you down!

15. A Mr. Fix-It

A Mr. Fix-It

Who wouldn’t like a man who takes charge of clogged toilets, clamorous door hinges, flat tires and everything else. Just name it and Mr. Fix-It will take care of it for you. With his tool box ready, getting his hands dirty for you. Even if he can’t fix it, it’s still hot to see him try. Isn’t it?

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