#FlirtingFail: 10 Messages You'll Get Thanks to WhatsApp's Blue Tick of Doom

#FlirtingFail: 10 Messages You'll Get Thanks to WhatsApp's Blue Tick of Doom

Seen it, read it, they've got a blue tick to prove it - yet no reply? What’s your excuse now? Whatever it could be, the person is most certainly not going to let you off the hook easily. Whatever WhatsApp’s motive may be, it has managed to wreak havoc with people’s personal lives. Here are a few situations you're probably going to face with the WhatsApp Blue Tick.

Before we go further, here’s what you need to know:
  • 1 Tick: Message sent.

  • 2 Ticks: Message received by the handset. (That is, message delivered.)

  • 2 Blue Ticks: Message read by the user.

Got it? Good! Now let’s get going...

1. You read my msg, why didn’t you reply?

Err, because I’m in the middle of something, and I think that your msg can wait. Be gone now!

WhatsApp Blue Tick

2. You claim that you’re busy, but you had the time to read my msg. Like, WOW!

I said I’m busy, but not ALL the time. But hey, great job, Sherlock!

WhatsApp Blue Tick

3. I know you read it, the least you could do is drop an emoticon, or say "K", or anything!

I do have other things to do...

WhatsApp Blue Tick

4. Looks like I’m not a priority in your life any more, I think we need to go on a break.

I think you need to stop over-analysing things!

WhatsApp Blue Tick

5. Is chatting with someone else more interesting than doing so with me?

Now that you've brought it up...

WhatsApp Blue Tick

6. Are you ignoring me?

 Take a wild guess? :P

WhatsApp Blue Tick

7. Damn, that text was not meant for you!

 Read it, no further explanation needed.

WhatsApp Blue Tick

8. Hey, I really like you.

If I read it and don’t reply, will they get the hint?

WhatsApp Blue Tick

9. Why aren't you replying to my messages? Have you lost interest in me? Why are you doing this to me?!

I'm just messing with your head. I want to see how much you torture yourself...

WhatsApp Blue Tick

10. Hey, did you get my msg?

Sorry, I’ve been all over the place. Must have skipped it.

Okay, could you then explain why the ticks are blue?

Damn! I forgot WhatsApp has this feature now!

WhatsApp Blue Tick

And even if you haven’t experienced any of these situations yet, you better prepare yourself! Because in order for WhatsApp to keep working on your phone, you're going to HAVE to upgrade it. :P

Is the WhatsApp Blue Tick a boon or a curse? Drop in your answer in our Facebook comments box!

GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy.com

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