#FashionHacks: 6 Must-Know Tips for Buying Pain-Free Heels!

#FashionHacks: 6 Must-Know Tips for Buying Pain-Free Heels!

For women who prescribe to the high-heeled way of life, towering over their peers who have (reluctantly?) given into the flat shoe trend is the only way they know. But we’ve all been there: stepping out for the day in a spanking pair feeling like Carrie Bradshaw, only to regret the ambitious decision 10 minutes later. So while the best of us chirpily state that a little discomfort never hurt anybody, we all know that comfortable, functional heels is the Holy Grail we’re all secretly looking for. And believe us when we say that this is actually within our reach! Our tips on how to score pain-free heels are sole-savers indeed - you can say goodbye to the "grin and bear it" days, and keep your head, heels and standards high! :)

1. Buy the Right Size

Tips For Pain Free HeelsWell begun is half done, right? The right size ensures that you and your latest purchase will have a long and happy life together! Never give into the temptation to buy a bigger or smaller size - even if it’s the last pair of the lust-worthy studded stilettos you’ve been eyeing for a while. It’s just not worth it! Know that your foot size changes over the years, so get yourself sized at least once a year. Also, it’s smart to wait until the afternoon or the end of the day to buy shoes as swelling of your feet over the course of a day causes dramatic changes in the size. When buying shoes online, make sure you convert your size correctly.

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2. Opt for Thicker Heels

Tips For Pain Free HeelsThe thicker the heel, the more comfortable the shoes are. While pencil heels are sexy and all that, avoid them unless you’re prepared to wobble around all day. Wedges, chunky heels or platforms are ideal for a day of running around. Luckily for you, they are extremely trendy at the moment too. Also, try and opt for a consistent heel height if you wear them on a daily basis. Varying it too much can irritate your Achilles tendon.

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3. Avoid Thin Soles

Tips For Pain Free Heels

Beautiful heels and acute pain needn't always come hand in hand. Yes, really! You just need to know what to avoid when out buying your next pair. Thin soles are a no-no as they will give the bottom of your foot loads of trouble. Opt for thicker soles or a bit of a platform to offset the pressure when walking. You can add a cushioned foot-bed to existing pairs too.

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4. Be Practical

Tips For Pain Free HeelsThere’s no shame in wearing flats while making your way to your destination and quickly slipping into heels once you arrive (stealthily, of course!). For a working woman, it’s always advisable to have a pair of flats in her bag or desk drawer. You never know when they might come handy. If you’re wearing your heels all day long, take a few breaks to kick them off and flex and stretch your feet.

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5. Invest in Well-Crafted Shoes

Tips For Pain Free Heels

How comfortable (or not) a pair of heels is has a lot to do with its construction. We’re all for hoarding up on trendy, bargain finds, but if you step out in heels on a daily basis, you may want to choose quality over quantity. Invest in well-designed shoes by trusty brands. It’s better to have a fewer pairs that will last you long than many that will only cause you grief.

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6. Loosen Up Your Heels

Tips For Pain Free Heels

We’re no strangers to blisters and know very well how they often rain on our parade. If you’re nodding your head in agreement, then you’re wise enough to know that you shouldn’t take your new babies out for a spin on the same day you buy them. Wear them around the house and loosen them up a bit. Rub Vaseline on the area that gives you blisters or invest in a guard. And, of course, always carry Band-Aid in your purse!

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