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Fake Freshness: Must-Follow Beauty Fixes After A Crazy Night

Fake Freshness: Must-Follow Beauty Fixes After A Crazy Night

A girls’ night out on Wednesday, a best friend’s cocktail party on Friday or it’s-the-weekend binge drinking on Saturday: you and your friends spent the night painting the town RED. But, when it’s time to wake up and get to work, you don’t feel too good. Not only does your head hurt but your bloodshot eyes and dull skin can give away the previous night’s escapades in an instant. Worry not, we have been through many of these on our own and are here to tell you a few fool-proof beauty fixes after a crazy night out. You will look the total opposite of how hungover you feel!


1. Your Head Needs El-Ele-Elevation

Beauty Fixes After A Crazy Night

Once you’ve managed to stagger home, drink as much water as you can since alcohol leaves you super hydrated. Next, prop up your head with the help of 2-3 pillows—this helps with lymphatic drainage meaning you’ll have less inflammation and puffiness to deal with tomorrow.

2. Caffeine To The Rescue

tea bags

Your morning cuppa can be more useful than you thought. Place two teabags on your eyes, put your head back and try to relax for a few minutes. Besides helping you shake off drowsiness, caffeine is anti-inflammatory that makes it an ‘instant-wake-me-up’ for your eyes. Not only will your eyes feel refreshed but they will look brighter and more alert.

Image: glamorazzi.com

3. Your Eyes Need Some Preppin’

Fab Uses Of Concealer To Make You Look Fantastic

If you used very dark eyeshadow the night before, chances are you still have telltale traces of it on your eyes. Use a cotton bud dipped in baby oil to remove it thoroughly, then use a beige/brown shade eyeliner like L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Gelmatic Pen to hide redness and brighten up your peepers. Swipe on a layer of mascara like Lancôme Hypnose Mascara to open up your peepers and make them look fresher than you actually feel.

4. Freshen Up Your Complexion

simple tips for glowing skin

After a crazy night involving plenty of cocktails, your skin can look duller than usual. Moisturise your face and neck and then use a yellow-hued concealer like Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch to hide dark circles and brighten your complexion immediately. You can apply a tiny bit of Avon CC cream to cover imperfections, dark spots and pigmentation. Skip the foundation ‘coz you’re tired and your skin will take a while to feel hydrated again.

5. Fake A Healthy Glow

Fab Uses Of Concealer To Make You Look Fantastic

With a magic tool like a highlighter handy to give your face a natural glow no one will ever know you were chugging one too many LITs rather than catching up on some beauty sleep. Take Mary Kay Facial Highlighting Pen and apply it along your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and a little bit across your forehead to help fake some enviable radiance.

6. Keep Your Hair Simple


If you have managed to use your upper body strength and washed your hair, kudos to you! You have gotten rid of any hints of that party (and its leftover whiffs) out of your hair so you can just keep your locks loose and go au naturel. If not, wrap your hair on top of your head for an effortlessly chic top knot or try a cute fuss-free braid: remember, the focus is on keeping it neat and clean. Use these tips to make unwashed hair look fabulous.

Have a great day!

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Published on Nov 5, 2014
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