#Embarrassing: How to Deal with Body Odour and Keep It in Check

#Embarrassing: How to Deal with Body Odour and Keep It in Check

It’s pretty normal to notice that peculiar smell after sweating it out at the gym. But if body odour is something that follows you around constantly, then it’s time you address this rather embarrassing problem. BO is an annoying condition that affects many of us. If you’ve ever wondered why you smell not-so-great, we give you a few tips to tackle the condition. Read on to know how to deal with body odour and keep it in check.


What Is Body Odour?

When you work out or are out and about on a hot day your body produces sweat, which is odourless, but as you know, bacteria loves moisture. So, the bacteria on the surface of your skin use it to breed and multiply and then start breaking down the keratin protein on the surface of your skin. This bacterial activity is what causes that odor. It may sound unpleasant but it’s totally normal.

Chase The Stench Away:

Watch What You Eat

You may find it surprising that what you eat could affect how you smell, but sweat is just another way for the body to get rid of waste so your diet does make a difference. Garlic and onions as well as spicy foods and curries can contribute to making you smell bad.

Wear Airy Fabrics

Natural fibers like cotton, silk and linen allow for better breathability and airflow. You don’t sweat as much in such clothes and nor do they trap moisture compared to other fabrics like synthetic materials and nylon and tight fitting clothes.

Bathe Often

We don’t need to tell you to shower daily, but if you’re one who sweats often then it’s wise to bathe at least twice a day. Keep yourself squeaky clean and wash thoroughly, especially those areas that are prone to sweating to keep odour-causing bacteria away.


Towel Off

You may be thinking Duh! But it’s important that you dry yourself completely, especially areas like the underarms and genitals as moisture helps bacteria multiply. Towel off thoroughly to avoid encouraging any foul smells.

Make An Antiperspirant Your Best Friend

Using just a deodorant isn’t enough sometimes. It’s smart to use an antiperspirant, which will help prevent sweating before your deo, which gives a nice fragrance but doesn’t do anything to stop sweat. Look out for aluminum chloride as an ingredient in your antiperspirant/deodorant as it helps reduce sweating. Apply it twice daily- once in the day and once before going to bed as the antiperspirant works while you sleep. We like Dove Go Fresh Cool Essentials.


Get Rid Of Underarm Hair

You don’t just need hairless underarms to wear those sleeveless tops, even if you aren’t exposing them make sure to keep them shaved or waxed. Hair traps the sweat and stops it from evaporating, which attracts bacteria leading to that embarrassing smell.

Some Home Remedies

Vinegar is a common ingredient found in any kitchen. It is a natural antiseptic that helps kill bacteria so rub some onto your underarms before heading out on a warm day to keep that stench away. Also, baking soda, lavender oils and citrusy fruits like lemons are great for rubbing onto odor-prone areas to tackle bacteria and prevent B.O.


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