24 Fashion Problems Every Woman Faces

24 Fashion Problems Every Woman Faces

Blowing up half a month’s salary on a fabulous pair of heels only to have them murder your feet the first time you wear them and never putting them on again? Yep, we’ve all been there! From splurging on clothes that we’ve only worn once to never finding the right bag to go with an outfit, there are some common fashion problems we’ve faced at some point or the other. Read on to check out the sartorial dilemmas we all know only too well. Rest easy, ladies, you are not alone!

1. So many things to buy, not enough money in my bank account. *Sigh*

common fashion problems 1

2. Why don’t they ever have these shoes in my size?

3. This pair of jeans compliments my curves soooo well. Oh wait, do I spot a camel toe / muffin top?! (Forced to now find a new pair.)

4. I can’t buy anything with horizontal stripes, it’ll make me look fat!

5. This dress is GREAT. Now I want that bag to match with it... What? The bag costs 5 times as much as the dress?!

6. Ugh, why does everyone have to go to Zara / Forever 21 and buy the same top??

7. OMG, I managed to zip myself into this dress, but it’s so tight that I can’t get out of it now! I’ll have to call the shop assistant to help me out of this. :(

8. Grrr, I feel bloated! Everything looks terrible on me.

common fashion problems 2

9. I LOVE that bag, but all my stuff will NEVER fit into it. (The answer to this: Envelope Clutch. Or just carry your essentials!)

10. Strapless bra! Will it stay, or will it slip down as soon as I move? Ugh, ugh.

11. How much cleavage is too much cleavage? Is this too revealing? Will everyone stare?

12. Yikes! My nail paint doesn’t go with my outfit! (Got to chip it out ASAP.)

13. Will I EVER get back to my college/ pre-baby waist size?!

14. Those clothes look so fabulous on the mannequin - and I look like Humpty Dumpty when I try them out. :(

15. This is the fifth dress I’ve bought online that doesn’t fit right! Argh, I’ll have to fight over a refund AGAIN!

common fashion problems 4

16. Will it look weird if I wear flats with this dress? Really don’t feel like wearing stilettos.

17. Has my dress become shorter or have I grown a bit taller?

18. That time of the month… I can ONLY wear black.

19. Wow, I’ve worn this black dress thrice this month. Will anyone notice? (Nah, it’s black, it's classic.)

20. How are you supposed to wear a sari without feeling like it’s going to come undone with every step?!

21. Oh no! My sweater’s shrunk! Did I wash it in hot water?

common fashion problems 3

22. Oh no, I ripped my tights! Argh, have to find another pair and change into it - and what if I rip those too?

23. How do I manage to get food, lipstick and every kind of makeup on my white clothes?!

24. OMG. My button popped in the middle of the meeting, and I didn't even notice it until now!

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