Celebs Who Rocked White Pants + Where To Buy Awesome White Pants

Celebs Who Rocked White Pants + Where To Buy Awesome White Pants
It may not be on the classic ‘must have list’ but it’s definitely getting there! This post is dedicated to the new found love for white pants, with ideas on how to wear them, celebrities who have sported them and also where you can shop them from. Keep reading! 1 A pair of well fitted pants is a wardrobe staple, we all know that; but what you should probably know is that there’s a new little twist to that item on my list: I’m crushing on the white bottoms! White bottoms look super chic, and one of the most amazing things about them is how you can totally pair any and every colour or print with it. Here’s a list of a couple of things you’ll want to keep in mind while getting yourself your pair of white bottoms, or wearing yours if you have them in your wardrobe already.

How To Wear White Pants ?

The Fit

article-2218185-1584BC29000005DC-525_634x933-203x300White, unlike black, isn’t a slimming colour. It makes the shape of your silhouette very, very obvious so if you’re heavier on the hip I would suggest you let this one slip. (Unless of course, you’re Kim Kardashian because if you are, let me tell you’re the only who can carry of those hips and look fabulous in everything!)

The innerwear: Be careful of the fabric you’re buying and wearing. If it’s of thin texture and even slightly sheer, be sure of the lingerie you’re picking out for yourself.

From Day To Night

Eva-Longoria-in-Sexy-White-Pants-Leavs-Studio-in-Culver-City-02-560x770-218x300That you can’t wear white to night is a ‘rule’ that I don’t believe in. You can wear black in the day and white at night so long as you know how to werq it. Throw in stacks of gold or silver jewellery, put your heels on and you’re good to go.

Casual, bright and everyday wear: Go on a white on white combination that makes your look bright and eye-catching, but don’t overdo it if you’re not stepping out for a statement-making kind of occasion. The perfect way out of this would be to throw on a bright colour and layer it up.

Go Grunge!

deepika-1-208x300White is too pretty-pretty? Hells no! Play up your look with any tone you want. Opt for a sexy, ripped pair and add up some leather. You know this is just perfect for the kind of look you were aiming for – stylish yet grunge.

Leave your clumsiness at home: I’ll be honest: I’m not usually the clumsiest person at the table, but when I’m wearing white, it’s like my clumsiness gets attached to me. Happens to you, too? Then you know what I mean. (Which law of Newton’s would that be?!)

Power Of The White Suit

An all white suit looks smokin’ hot, there’s no denying that. And here are some celebrity who have aced this look like nobody’s business!


Go Shopping

Stalking eStores and trends being sported across the globe sort of comes with the profession of being a full time blogger. Here are some of my favourite picks that you can shop if you’re feeling inspired by this post.


Stalk Buy Love Love & Hate Pants, Rs 960, Buy here

1 (1) People White Trouser, Rs 1299, Buy here.


Silk Weavers Printed Trouser, Rs 899, Buy here. 


Nautica White Trouser, Rs 4999, Buy here

Tell us which one is your favourite white pant?

Pictures courtesy: whatwhenwear,in

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