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#TagYourBestie: Beauty Regimens for Every BFF!

#TagYourBestie: Beauty Regimens for Every BFF!
Besties needn’t have the exact same taste, right? You may be a patron of siren red lips and smoky eyes, whereas she can’t think beyond a clean, no-make up look. But the fun is to revel in the differences and make the most of it. So we decode the perfect beauty regimen for every kind of BFF in your life! Are you sharing this with her (or them) already?

1. Party Patrol

beauty regimen with lakme

This is the "party don’t start till I walk in" kind of girl. The star of every soiree and the life of every celebration. So it only makes sense to look like one! Start by splashing your face with plenty of cold water and moisturizing it. Since you’ll be fighting the sunrise, it’s wise not to cake your face with more make up than necessary. Start with Lakme’s CC cream, as it serves as the ideal base that will conceal, refresh and brighten up your face. Pretty up your eyes with a smoky look and plenty of mascara. Top off the look with bold lips (we’d pick burgundy or red) and a touch of blush. 

While we sympathize with how bad your feet will be aching when you saunter home at 3 am, make NO excuses for taking off your makeup. We don’t want you looking like a raccoon the next morning! And, worse still, you’ll be doing some pretty tough damage to the delicate skin around your eyes. Using an under-eye serum and night cream should be a part of your nightly routine, party or not!

2. Picture Perfect

beauty regimen with lakme

Are you the stylista of the group, the one who is always dressed to the nines and never has a hair out of place? Then your beauty game ought to be in tune with your style reputation too. Lakme’s CC cream is a must, of course, as it will instantly make your face radiant and give it a blemish-free look. Highlight one area of the face - it could be your eyes courtesy coloured kohl (Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal has several shades to choose from) and mascara, or your lips with a feminine pink hue. Complement your make up with a fishtail braid or low ponytail.

Book yourself a 6 weekly facial clean up to deep-cleanse the dust and grime from your pores while gently stimulating your facial muscles. You’ll look and feel fresh and your selfies will reflect radiance!

3. Retail Romance

beauty regimen with lakme

If the mall is your second home and you are on first-name basis with the sales staff at most of the stores, then you surely have a thing for shopping (no kidding!). So if you plan to hit the shops for the better half of the day, keep your make up simple and fuss-free. Lakme’s CC cream, a one-cream wonder, is the only companion you need. It will even out your skin tone and keep your face refreshed. Now all you need is some kajal, winged eyeliner and a soft, dewy lip gloss (we love Lakme’s Plump & Shine Lip gloss).

Air-conditioning in malls or the dust if you are street-shopping need to be carefully combatted. Remember to cleanse your face with a gentle exfoliating face wash and moisturize generously before you put on your makeup.

4. Out & About

beauty regimen with lakme

For the girl who’s always on the move and loves the outdoors, sunscreen is the most important step in the skin care regime. But that’s not enough. You need a base that doesn’t get crusty within a few hours and gives you a flawless complexion. Thanks to its UV protection, Lakmé’s CC cream promises to keep your skin perfect even when running around in the sun. Complement your spot-free skin with a fresh lip colour - a coral hue, for instance. Lakme’s 9 to 5 Matte Lipstick ticks all the right boxes.

Don’t forget that the sun's harsh rays have an ageing effect on your skin. Once you are you are past your mid 20s, start using anti-ageing products. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

5. Coffee & Conversations

beauty regimen with lakme

A casual setting like a coffee date with your bestie warrants you take it easy. But effortless doesn’t mean careless in this case. So keep it simple with Lakme’s CC cream, for a healthy glow, and a nude lipstick. Minimalistic chic is indeed the way for you!

Cleanse-tone-moisturize is your mantra for glowing, healthy skin, particularly if you’re aiming for a natural, makeup-free look. Choose good quality products suited to your skin type. And we’ve always said: what you eat will be reflected on your skin and your hair. Go stock up on the greens, ladies!

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