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9 Things You Did Not Know About The Skin You Are In

9 Things You Did Not Know About The Skin You Are In

From protecting it from the sun’s UV rays to trying everything you can to bring it that radiant glow, we’re all obsessed with our skin. Other then making you look good, your skin performs a number of fascinating functions. Read on to learn some fun things you did not know about your skin. These will definitely help you understand it better.

Things You Did Not Know About The Skin You Are In

1. Your Skin Is At Its Most Sensitive During Your Period

We’ve already told you that getting waxed during that time of the month can be more painful than ever, because your skin is the most tender and sensitive during this time. A few days after your period ends is when your skin’s threshold for pain is higher than at any other time, so it may be smart to book your salon appointment for 3 to 4 days after it.

2. So Much Sweat

During hot summer months, your skin produces as much as 3 gallons of sweat in 1 day. You can sweat from almost all parts of your body except the corners of your lips, your nail beds and your eardrums.

3. That Smell

A different kind of sweat, specifically the secretion of a fat made by the apocrine sweat glands is, where body odour comes from - mostly around the genitals, anus and armpits. What causes the odour is bacteria on the skin digesting those fatty secretions.

4. It’s Waterproof!

Have you ever wondered how we can bathe and swim in the sea or in a pool without anything passing into or out of our skin? That’s because each cell on the surface of your skin is surrounding by waterproof fats and lipids like fatty acids and cholesterol, without which we would practically dissolve.

Things You Did Not Know About The Skin You Are In

5. It’s So Heavy

Being your body’s largest organ, your skin makes up a huge chunk of your body weight. For all those who are obsessed with their weight, you should know that you skin contributes to about 16% of your overall body weight.

6. You’re Constantly Shedding Skin Cells

You lose a huge number of skin cells every single minute, about 30,000 to 50,000, which means they’re being shed as you read this! Dead skin cells account for tons and tons of dust in the atmosphere.

7. Your Skin Helps Control Your Body Temperature

Yup, the blood vessels in the layers of your skin widen when you’re hot so that heat can be released through your skin, and they constrict when you’re cold to trap the heat within your body.

8. Acne Is THE Most Common Skin Condition

Acne is a chronic condition that is not just restricted to teenagers. It can continue well into adulthood, affecting people even in their 50s! Find out more about adult acne here.

Things You Did Not Know About The Skin You Are In

9. Your Skin Tone Can Help You Get A Pretty Manicure

Your undertones play a big role on how good a nail paint colour looks on you. Look at veins in your wrist to determine your undertone; if they look green, then you have warm undertones, and if they look blue, then you have cool undertones. Corals, peaches and lighter shades look great on warm undertones, whereas cool undertones look fab with lavenders, blue-reds and darker shades.


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