6 Timeless Beauty Looks You Can Never Go Wrong With

6 Timeless Beauty Looks You Can Never Go Wrong With

Ladies, while you may go to town experimenting with new trends (and god knows you rock them too) any woman worth her salt should know that nothing beats the classics. Yes, there are certain tried and tested hair and makeup trends that will never fail you. We give you some timeless beauty looks that will always help you look and feel your fabulous best. So read on you ethereal beauty, you’re sure to thank us later.

Red Lipstick


Well for starters, nothing adds class to your whole look like a crimson pout. Think side swept hair, think pearls or diamonds, think an off-shoulder dress and now add red lipstick. It is literally the cherry on top.

There’s never a bad time to wear red lipstick. You can blindly put it on with festive wear to make all heads turn at the next wedding or simply channel Marilyn Monroe in a white halter dress with a pout just like hers. Better still, dress casually in a black t-shirt and jeans and just add red lipstick to go from girl next door to Goddess in under a minute.

POPxo Tip: Since red is a bright colour and since we are going for classic, make sure you apply it neatly. If it goes outside the lines it’s going to be very visible. Also make sure your lips are smooth and not chapped since cracks show up when you’re wearing a bright colour. Read our dos and don'ts for pulling off red lippie.

Beachy Waves


You don’t actually have to be The Little Mermaid to channel beach waves. Of course every once in a while, if we are lucky, we actually find our feet in the sand, a salty spray on our faces and our hair happily tousled. What do we do the rest of the time? Well we fake it!

The great thing about this fun, wavy look is, it’s really cool and easy to achieve. It doesn’t need hours at the salon or too much hair product. Yet, it adds an element of effortless chic that we oh so love!

POPxo Tip: A few spritzes of a good texturising spray like Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray is just what you need when aiming for this look. Scrunch and tousle away with your fingers to achieve effortless waves.

Winged Eyeliner


If we had a penny for every time we marvelled at a perfectly done cat eye (on pinterest or in real life) we’d be super rich right now. Even though it originated back in the 60’s, the allure of this charming winged liner hasn’t dimmed.

This classy make up move instantly elongates the eye and adds an extra, feminine dimension to your face. It requires some patience and dexterity with your eyeliner, but a bit of practice can go a long way in helping you master the cat eye.

POPxo Tip: These eyeliner hacks will definitely help you draw those sultry wings like a pro. Hell ya!

The Classic Bob


Well if it’s good enough for Anna Wintour it should be good enough for us. Who’s that you ask? Only the editor-in-chief of American Vogue, a front row regular at the biggest fashion events in the world, somebody who predicts fashion trends even before we can think of them. She has become synonymous with her famous bob cut and sunglasses.

Clearly the high priestess of fashion approves and we concur. Over the years, the classic bob is still a cut that looks fabulous and fresh. It can be worn short or long, but the blunt cut is here to stay. Psst: It helps shave years off your face giving you a fresh, youthful appeal.

Au Naturel and Fresh Faced

au naturel

Now this one might seem a little odd to some, but it’s also as timeless as it gets. Many a young fellow has fallen head over heels for the girl next door. It’s an easy breezy look that takes just minutes to master. Think fresh glowing skin and pink cheeks (blush should sort you out), nude gloss and wide eyes laced with mascara.

In this world of made up beauties, one absolutely cannot  resist the charm of a fresh and pretty face

POPxo Tip: This look is supposed to be natural, so go easy on foundation and concealer. You can’t cheat this look. It’s charm lies in its understated nature. Find out out how to perfect the natural no-makeup look with makeup.

The Smoky Eye For A Sexy Edge

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 3.30.50 pm

Nothing screams sultry, mysterious and diva-esque as much as a dramatic smoky eye. It draws attention to your pretty peepers and is perfect for when you want to grab attention on a big night out.

POPxo Tip: This look means heavy eyes, so it’s best to keep the rest of your face subtle in order to avoid looking OTT. Check out how to perfect the smoky eye in a few simple steps.


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