10 Beauty Terms Women Use That Men Never Understand | POPxo
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10 Beauty Terms Women Use That Men Never Understand

10 Beauty Terms Women Use That Men Never Understand

They say men and women are from different planets and when girls start talking about hair and makeup, we may as well be speaking a foreign language. We give you a list of words you may be sprouting that mean absolutely nothing to your man. Read on to know the beauty terms women use that men never understand. Keep these in mind to help educate your guy about girl-world and the pains you put into looking oh-so-beautiful for him.

BB Creams

BB cream

No it’s not an acronym for Breaking Bad like he may have thought, but stands for Blemish Balm. This miracle product is an all-in-one moisturizer, sunblock and foundation, it’s no wonder you can’t stop talking about it.

Psst! We love Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick.

Cat Eyes


We have to admit our obsession with those feline-esque eyeliner flicks, but when your guy hears you saying that you want cat eyes, a makeup move is that last thing that crosses his mind. He’s actually imagining the animal!

Psst! Read our top eyeliner picks to perfect the dramatic cat eye.



It sounds exactly like the Spanish word Hombre, which means man, so you may as well actually be speaking another language. You may be talking about ombre hair or ombre eye shadow (a gradual change in colour), but don’t ever expect him to understand what you’re saying even if he is nodding away in agreement.

Smoky Eyes

smoky eye

He thinks you look like a million bucks when you try this sexy makeup move, but mention the term and he’s probably thinking that you got smoke in your eyes and he sweetly stubs out his cigarette. (Aww!)

Psst! We help you perfect the Smoky Eye.

Beach Waves

Timeless Beauty Looks

Maybe you’ve taken a keen interest to surfing or maybe you’re just considered about the high tide today, but no guy would ever imagine you’re referring to your hair when you talk about cool beach waves.

Psst! Find out how to scrunch your hair like a pro.



You say you want to try Rebonding and your poor boyfriend/hubby is thinking of ways to rekindle your relationship to strengthen your bond, when all you want is straight, manageable locks.

Psst! Here’s everything you need to know about chemically straightening your hair.

Eyeliner Wings

Eyeliners To Help Perfect Those Sultry Wings

He thinks you took the Redbull slogan a bit too seriously when you’re always going on about wanting wings.

Psst! We make it easier to draw those sexy wings and flicks with these cool eyeliner hacks.

Fishtail Braids

How To Perfect the Fishtail

He thinks you want to go to that fancy seafood restaurant whenever you talk about how much you love fishtails.

Psst! Read our step-by-step guide to perfecting the Fishtail Braid.



Why you want those fluorescent highlighting pens while getting ready is beyond him. Seriously!

Psst! Fake dewy, radiant skin with this guide to highlighters.

Oxblood Lips


Deepika Padukone is a champion for these sultry deep lips, but mention the colour and he’s bound to get freaked out.

Psst! We tell you what your fave shade of lipstick says about you!

*Celeb Images by Viral Bhayani
Published on Nov 17, 2014
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