You Know You Are a Female Engineering Student in India When...

You Know You Are a Female Engineering Student in India When...

Gone are the days when girls would opt for arts, commerce and medicine over engineering. But, know what? There are a few things that only girls from engineering colleges in India can relate to. (And if you were one of them, you’d totally get what we mean.) You know you are a female engineering student in India when…

1. There are always many more boys than girls in your college. The worst sex ratio ever.

2. But that pretty much means you get extra attention from guys all the time. And if you’re a girl in the mechanical branch, you are treated as nothing less than a celebrity.


3. It is never a struggle to find a dance partner, project mates or companions for your lab work.

4. As if the general attention is not enough, every time there is an assignment to be completed or notes are needed, you are in super-high demand. And at least one group of guys copies all your work.

5. Anonymous phone calls, cheesy messages and some strange guy stalking you become the norm.

stunned boy

6. You understand the meaning of gender-bias in a “positive” way - professors are a little more lenient towards you in terms of marks and your excuses are given more credence than those of the guys. Oh, poor them! ;)

7. There is almost always a guy behind at least a few of your workshop jobs. :P

8. Four years in college, and you’ve met every kind of boy who could exist. You understand “types” better than most girls.

9. During an exam, all the guys who sit around you depend on you to help them pass. And every time you ask for an extra sheet, all eyes are on you!


10. Also, you learn some incredible tricks to, uh, cheat, especially during those mid-terms and tests.

11. Regardless of whether you understand the technicality and concepts or not, you usually score decent marks because of legible handwriting, the power to mug up and the art of creating lengthy stories. #GirlPower!

library sleeping

12. Getting things done is never a problem. All you need is a “please”, some emotional blackmailing or just locating the guy crushing on you (there is someone, always).

13. You are considered “smart” pretty much because you’re a girl studying technology.

creepy flirt

14. In project groups, you are always in charge of the presentation, documentation and explanation because your guy teammates never do it. They’d rather handle the functionality.


15. You have had umpteen midnight phone call sessions just a day before the exams trying to explain 20 pages to your guy friends in 10 minutes, who are promising you treats and gifts and chocolates (or nothing).

16. Half the time of your bachelors’, you keep wondering whether you really want to be an engineer.

confused man

17. No matter how much you panic just before the viva, when you enter with a group which has a few boys, you’re guaranteed a whole lot of fun and even better scoring.

18. You rarely see a boy worrying about assessments and projects like you do. But, hey, remember the day of placements? That’s when you realize that even boys can get anxious.

19. If you were the certified “good” girl in school, engineering college taught you the most innovative ways to bunk, inventive methods to score marks, seriously upped your swear-words vocabulary and some super-cool ways of having fun.

girl bored

20. There has been at least one incident during the four years when some guy has embarrassed you publicly and you’ve wished all guys would die. But then who came to your rescue? Yes, a guy again!

girl in need

21. You know that the best part of studying in an engineering college is that by the time you leave college, you will have made some of the most amazing friends, experienced the “boy” way of doing things, learnt the nastiest abuses and created some unbelievable memories.

friends drinking

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